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Sense Replacement Coils

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Sense Replacement Coils

Sense Technologies has gathered a significant following of vapers in a short amount of time. If you happen to be one of them and need Sense Replacement Coils for your Sub Ohm Tank, shop for the best deals. We understand how frustrating it can be if you are without your favorite vaporizer for any length of time while waiting for new coils to arrive, so we ship them to you fast.

Sense Technologies was established in 2014. While they do not have the longevity that some other brands possess, they do have a dedication to Sub Ohm vaping and producing high-end tanks. The first work done by the company was to engage in a lengthy process of research and development. They hired the best professionals in this field and took the feedback from vapers into serious consideration. Almost every member of the Sense Technologies team has more than five years' experience in vaporizer development and production. They are passionate, efficient, and enthusiastic about creating great Sub Tanks. This is one area of vaping where a brand must really take pride in what they do.

In just two short years, Sense Technologies has seen their products sold to customers in 20 countries. They have truly become an international presence. The reason for this is the care Sense Technologies invests in every stage of the process. Their commitment to quality is perhaps best observed in products like the Herakles Sub Ohm Tank. Made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Herakles is an innovative tank that features an adjustable airflow system and 510 threading. The tank uses dual vertical parallel coils. 

The coils in a Sub Tank are going to require replacement from time to time depending on how often one vapes. At we have the Herakles Coils 5 pk by Sense in 0.2 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and Ni200 varieties. We also carry the Herakles Plus Coils 5 pk by Sense. It is more economical and convenient to purchase Sense Replacement Coils in this fashion. You will always have some on hand. Just order a new pack when you have one coil remaining in the old one. 

Superior Replacement Coils by Sense

These coils include two important features that are found in superior coils. The first of these is Kanthal wire. Kanthal is a preferred choice for its conductivity and durability. The second component is organic cotton. Organic cotton delivers a pure taste that is unmatched. The wicking ports on these coils are also very wide which enables faster wicking.

One thing that can be said about vapers who Sub Ohm is that most of them are typically more informed about the precise workings of their vaporizers. It is almost impossible to pass off an inferior coil as something of value. It is very telling that Sense Technologies has received high ratings and reviews throughout the vaping community. You just can't fool someone that Sub Ohms. Sense Technologies has placed a premium on their brand's reputation, and they maintain it rigorously by holding themselves accountable. Each product is subjected to multiple tests that include customer simulation. When you buy from this brand you can take comfort in knowing you are getting both performance and value.

While you are shopping for Sense Replacement Coils, be sure to check out our entire line of premium mods, tanks, vape pens, and accessories. We strive to be a trusted provider of Sub Ohm components that deliver excellence. If you are new to Sub Ohm vaping we can even point you in the right direction via our live chat system or email, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.