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Sense Tanks

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Sense Sub Ohm Tanks

Sense Technology Company was first established in 2014, and their main focus has always been on the manufacture and sale of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. They have since grown into a fully fledged multinational producer of some of the best personal aromatherapy devices on the planet. They have certainly earned their stellar reputation in the field. Their staff is made up of the best and most professional members of the electronic cigarette market, and many of them have over five years of experience. The company is located in the beautiful city of Shenzhen in China, and their products are available all over the world.

Sense tanks are designed to be highly versatile, which is exactly what most vape users need from their device. By anticipating the needs of their customers, Sense has been able to produce tanks that are more intuitive and sturdy than many of their competitors. When combined with their excellent customer service and affordable prices, their philosophy becomes fully comprehensive and meets every need of the average vape user.

Sense products are available in more than 20 countries across the globe, including Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. They've made it their mission to supply their customers through stable product chains and long-term commitments for things like shipping and customs. They've worked hard to streamline the system as much as possible. They thrive on customer feedback as well, which allows them to continue growing successfully in the electronic cigarette marketplace.

Vaporizer Accessories by Sense

We at appreciate the value of premium parts and accessories, and Sense is one brand we are proud to place in our inventory. Our stock of Sense tanks includes several versions of the most popular products, and each is designed to perform a very specific function in relation to vaping. The first tank in our inventory is the Herakles Sub Ohm Tank. It is the flagship tank in the Herakles line, which includes several more advanced versions of this basic product. This tank can be fully disassembled for cleaning and storage, and it is made from premium stainless steel and pyrex glass. It has a 3ml capacity and can fit any standard 510 threaded device. Inside the tank is a Ni200 coil that runs at sub-ohm capacities, which is great for producing tremendous clouds.

Herakles Tanks

The next tank is the upgraded version of the Herakles, the Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank. It is similar to the Herakles in many ways, but it has some serious differences. The tank has an expanded 3.6ml capacity, and it uses three coils in parallel to boost vaporizer potential. The tank is a top-fill tank just like the basic Herakles, but it features an e-liqiud control system that prevents the device from leaking or spilling.

Herakles V2 Top Fill Sub Ohm Tank

Next up in the series is the Herakles V2 Top Fill Sub Ohm Tank. This tank has a 2ml capacity as opposed to the larger capacities of the previous versions, but that isn't a shortcoming. The device comes with the ability to customize it to function with multiple types of sub-ohm coils, and that extra functionally takes up some space in the tank. Sub-ohm coils typically vaporize at a slower, more continuous rate, which is ideal for this design.

Baijiada Mermaid Sub Tank

The Baijiada Mermaid Sub Ohm Tank by Sense is next in the inventory, and it is separate from the Herakles line. This tank is a bottom-fill style, and it is compatible with all the Herakles replacement coils we have in stock. It has adjustable airflow through the base of the tank, and it can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid.

The Cyclone Sub Tank is the largest of the Sense tanks with a 5ml capacity, and it has a rebuildable coil system for added life expectancy.