Shoot the Moon by Cheech and Chong E-Liquid

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When it's time to get down to a taste sensation that turns the whole vaping experience inside out, upside down and into another stratosphere, then it is time to check out Shoot The Moon by Cheech and Chong E-Liquid.


Product Description

Only two of the greatest minds in comedy could have come up with an E-Juice taste that is this sensational, and it's a taste that should be coming to an mod near you very soon.

Why deny yourself the sweet and sour rich citrus orange taste of Shoot The Moon E-Liquid by Cheech and Chong? My man, this is the bomb and that is the righteous truth! There's no question that this amazing new flavor with have vapers heading out for the next solar system as they crave more and more of this amazing taste. 

How does Cheech and Chong E-Liquid do it? The geniuses behind this incredibly tasty E-Liquid brand, who turned the comedy world upside and inside out with their wonderfully weird and original style of standup, have a take no prisoners attitude when it comes to creating new tastes for their E-Liquid brand.

The lip-smacking taste of Shoot The Moon E-Liquid was carefully curated to Cheech and Chong's exacting vape specifications, to ensure that every draw on this new flavor is indescribably cool and unbelievably tasty. This exotically citrus flavor was combined and tested and tasted and blended and mixed and tasted yet again in the Cheech and Chong E-Liquid kitchens, to ensure it is of the highest quality and degree of coolness possible. With every inhale, these sweet and sour orange taste of this very special flavor invades the senses, for a vape experience that is truly out of this world. 

Is this flavor the bomb? It is the definition of awesomeness? You bet it is! Cheech and Chong refuse to put their fine comedy name on any flavor that is less than out of this world awesome, so vapers can be assured that any E-Juice that bears their name is as tasty as can be. It's no wonder vape enthusiasts keep coming back to Cheech and Chong for a great vaping experience. Cheech and Chong are the ultimate, in comedy and in vape taste!

Are you ready to Shoot the Moon? You should be! So order up today, and choose the nicotine level of your choice, for a vape experience that is the ultimate happening!

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