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Sigelei Mods

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Sigelei Box Mods

Founded in 2011, Sigelei Mods has become an industry leader in the production of superior mods and a wide array of vaping accessories. is proud to stock several models produced by Sigelei at some of the most competitive prices to be found online. The guiding principle at Sigelei Mods is to craft innovative products that keep up with evolving technology in order to deliver products that expand and enhance the function of vaporizers. It is important for a vaporizer manufacturer to be in tune with what vapers want to see in a new mod.

Your Best Choice of Sigelei Vape

High standards are enforced at the Sigelei Mods production facility, and the company employs a dedicated team of specialists that work hard to ensure quality in every piece. A stated principle from the company website is approaching their work with an attitude of service. The mod is the most popular type of vaporizer sold today and Sigelei Mods has a wide variety to choose from. They do not limit themselves to just one or two models. Experienced vapers and beginners alike can find something to meet their needs among the selections here at

Touch Screen Mods by Sigelei

Among the Sigelei Mods being offered at is the 150w Touch Screen Temperature Control Box Mod. Touch screen technology is relatively new when it comes to vaporizers, but this mod lives up the quality one has come to expect from this company. The ability to manage temperature controls from the touchscreen gives vapers an added level of customization and control. Every vaper is different, so it makes sense to develop vaporizers that increase levels of customization. 

Mini Book 40W

The Mini Book 40w Temperature Control Starter Kit by Sigelei Mods is an example of how mods can be crafted for the beginner. Many new to vaping choose a simple vaporizer pen because they might be intimidated by a complex mod or scared away by the price. This sleek little mod is user-friendly and affordably priced. Even though it is simple in terms of construction, the Sigelei quality is still there and the durability of this mod is considerable when compared to mods of a similar size.

Sigelei Variable Wattage Vapes

Many Sigelei Mods present an assortment of standard features. These include a visual operating system which makes adjustments easier, protection against short circuits, a range of wattage, and 510 threading. Everything about these mods is designed to be simple without sacrificing quality. Some mods increase the features of a vaporizer and in the process sacrifice a little where ease of operation is concerned. This is not the case with Sigelei Mods. They are built with cutting-edge features yet remain simple enough for the beginning vaper to operate.

If you are shopping for a vaporizer from Sigelei Mods, remember that we can answer any questions you may have via live chat or email. We also hope that you will explore our entire line of premium e-liquids, tanks, mods, vaping pens, and even apparel from some of your favorite vaporizer brands. Everything we do is geared toward making you a customer for life.