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Sigelei Tanks

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Sigelei Atomizers

Since 2011, Sigelei Tanks have been among the most highly regarded on the marketplace thanks to Sigelei's dedication to quality and standards that often exceed those of their competitors. The hallmark of Sigelei Tanks is the Moonshot RTA which is available right here at

Vaporizer research, development, and production are what sets Sigelei Tanks apart and defines them as an industry leader. Skilled engineers work in the Sigelei facilities in Shenzhen, China alongside a team of 500 dedicated employees to bring you new innovations in vaporizer technology. It is a stated principle of Sigelei Tanks to bring to market products that meet three criteria: superior quality, competitive pricing, and state-of-the-art innovation. Because of this the company has seen their products for sale in the United States, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, England, and Spain. They truly are an international presence in the vaping community, and we are proud to be numbered among the retailers that offer these fine tanks.

Moonshot RTA

The Moonshot RTA from Sigelei Tanks embodies all of the aforementioned principles. The tank is designed by Suprimo and strives to exceed the competition in the production of vapor and the delivery of robust flavor.A cotton control build deck is utilized to aid in consistency and reliability, two things that are lacking in many tanks offered at this price. As many vapers know, vaping at a higher wattage can sometimes affect the flavor of a vape and turn it bitter and burnt-tasting. This is not a problem with the Moonshot RTA. It can be vaped from 30w to 200w without any noticeable difference in the quality or smoothness of the vapor.

Sigelei Sub Ohm Tanks

The quality afforded by Sigelei Tanks boils down to a number of considerations. It all begins with the sourcing of materials for construction. Fine Japanese cotton, a PEEK insulator, and 304 stainless steel are a few of the materials used in the Moonshot RTA. It has become a favorite among those new to RTAs because it allows them to experience this popular form of vaporizer without a sizable investment yet preserves durability and performance. You can easily spend twice as much on a sub tank that is not nearly as well constructed as the Moonshot RTA. Experienced vapers prize it, too, because it stands up to heavy use.

High Quality Sigelei RTAs

Having been in business for several years, Sigelei Tanks has had the time to become seasoned and attuned to the needs of vapers. They truly understand the production of tanks that garner exceptional ratings and reviews. They also listen and are continually working to improve their vaporizers. At we appreciate this dedication to customer service and strive to pass the same attention on to our customers.

Try a Moonshot RTA by Sigelei Tanks today, and after you order be sure to stick around and browse our entire selection of tanks, mods, RTAs and RDAs, as well as parts and components that will take the hassle out of your build. We also stock one of the largest inventories of premium e-juices found online. Whatever your needs are, strives to meet them.