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Slotter Pops E-Liquid

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Slotter Pops E-Juice

Slotter Pops E-Liquid has two delicious flavors to choose from: Slotter Pops Ice Pop and Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art Liquids. You will be thrilled with this wonderful line from Lost Art Liquids. 

Lost Art Liquids strives to bring the very best to the vaping world. The founders started the company with a simple goal: to create and sell the greatest vapors the world has ever seen. They have a wide selection of sweet candy flavors for people to choose from. Lost Art Liquids has flavors like ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids, Slotter Pops, and other great flavors to excite and titillate the tongue. They believe each flavor should be exciting enough to stay original and be exceptional all day vapors. 

Slotter Pops Ice Pop is made with sweet mixed berry flavors to remind you of summer days by the pool as you suck and lick your favorite frozen treat, popsicles. There is no need to chase down the ice cream man. Lost Art Liquids has you covered. The mixers chose the finest berry flavors to mix together and create a yummy vapor that you will want to use all day long. The primary flavors in this premium vapor are tart raspberry, succulent blueberry and delicious blackberry. The vapor is mixed in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. After you try it, you will want to use it all day long.

Grape White E-Liquid

Slotter Pops Grape White is the newest addition to the Slotter Pops line up. Everyone loves the taste of a yummy grape popsicle. The grape flavor always seems to disappear from the popsicle box first. To the delicious grape flavor they add the mixers add the sweet taste of candy apple. Then they swirl in the flavor of tangy citrus. The flavors mix together and produce a great vapor that you will be thrilled with. The vapor is mixed in a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. You will want to use this wonderful vapor again and again.

Try Slotter Pops Ice Pop and Slotter Pops Grape White by Lost Art Liquids today. A quick search online reveals many satisfied customers who try Lost Art Liquids vapors. Many people feel Slotter Pops is their ultimate favorite, whether they use Ice Pop, Grape White or both. Be reminded of those fun childhood days of eating yummy popsicles when you use Slotter Pops in your vaporizer. You will not regret trying theses delicious flavors. Slotter Pops is a premium vapor that is sure to satisfy. Lost Art Liquids strives to bring you only the very best in the vaping industry. Be on the look out for new flavors in the Slotter Pops collection.