Slotter Pops The Grape White by Lost Art Liquids

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The newest flavor brought to you by Lost Art combines flavors into a smooth, well-blended experience, Slotter Pops the Grape White. The flavor blends juicy white grape with candy apple and topped off with a hint of tangy citrus. Slotter Pops the Grape White tastes perfect for summer and will satisfy your need for the crispness of fruit in a sweet aroma. 


Product Description

This refreshingly fruit flavor is perfect for summer time heat. White grape is cool and crisp, then it is mixed with sweet candy apple to deliver that delicious dessert vape. The flavor is topped off with a hint of tangy citrus to finish off the ultimate all day vaping experience. The sweet aroma will leave you and those around you wanting you to finish it until the last puff. 

Lost Art, known for their delicious sweet pop flavors, has harmonized a wonderfully scrumptious blend of juicy white grape, candied apple, and tangy citrus for the tastiest vape experience into the cool popsicle vape experience. The Grape White will not disappoint. It is smooth, well-blended, and rounded flavor, like others in the Lost Art family. The flavor compliments the warm weather and relaxation of summer time and is ready to be loaded up into your vaporizer to enjoy the summer afternoon. 

Another summertime vape, the Grape White, tastes like a cold, crisp fruit treat. One puff will make you feel like you have bitten into a juicy white grape and tart apple popsicle by the pool. It is relaxing, cool, and refreshing, and it is sure not to disappoint. Summertime favorites always leave you with a cool feeling, and this vape flavor is no different. It delivers the cool crisp fruit flavors, the sugary candied flavor, with a bit of tartness from the apple and citrus to make it an intense experience. 

This mouth-watering flavor leaves you wanting more because of its cool and crisp flavor. A good combination of sweet and tart to deliver a tasty popsicle treat to your mouth. Slotter Pops the Grape White delivers on its name, giving you sweet grape, tart apple, and tangy citrus to relax you on those warm summertime afternoons. With each inhale and exhale, you receive a powerful combination of tastes sure to leave your taste buds satisfied. One more well-blended, well-rounded summertime flavor ready to be loaded into your vaporizer to give you the ultimate cool, crisp, and relaxing summertime treat.

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