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SMOKtech Mods

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SMOK Box Mods

Founded in 2010, SMOKtech Mods has established themselves as an industry leader in the vaping community. The company lists fashion, vitality, and responsibility as their guiding principles and all of these show in their exceptional mods. More vapor and more flavor make SMOKtech Mods stand out among the competition, and has their entire selection of mods and components in our vast inventory.

The most popular vaping rigs today are mods or modern vaporizers. SMOKtech Mods has been blazing trails in the development of new mods that keep up with technology, some of which even feature Bluetooth 4.0 tech. The brand is innovative and inspiring, and their commitment to excellence has won them many fans in the vaping community. Among the most popular models offered by SMOKtech Mods are the Nano One 80w Starter Kit and SMOK H-Priv 220w Temperature Control Box Mod Kit, both of which are available at at very competitive prices.

SMOK Vape Kits

The Nano One 80w Starter Kit by SMOKtech Mods is a small and sleek unit that will please those who are trying out a modern rig for the first time. Some vapers will like the flexibility and control offered by the SMOK H-Priv. Both of these mods are affordably priced which makes them a great introduction to the modern vaporizer. 

For those that favor the simplicity and traditional design of a vaping pen, SMOKtech Mods also produces the SMOK Stick One Starter Kit and the SMOK Stick One Plus Starter Kit. Both of these are durable and deliver smooth hits that are rarely found in pens this affordable. If you have a friend that is new to vaping, either of these products would make a perfect gift.

SMOKtech Accessories

It may be necessary at times to replace parts on your SMOKtech Mods, and is ready to fill that need. We carry atomizer replacements and can get them to you quickly. Another strong area of SMOKtech Mods is in the production of Sub Ohm tanks. The Sub Ohm tanks in this line will produce those huge vapor clouds that vapers love. Vaping at this level can often require a sizable investment that is far more that what you will pay for a SMOKtech Mod.

SMOKtech Mods has also increased their credibility in the industry by obtaining numerous certifications and also registering various patents for their products. The company takes pride in every item that comes from their factory. When you purchase at item with the SMOKtech Mods logo, you can be certain that you are getting value for your vaping dollar.

While you are shopping the selection of SMOKtech Mods products at, be sure to check out our entire inventory. There is something in our store for everyone. We have vaping pens, tanks, mods, and all of the premium e-liquids that you have heard about and want to try. A talented team of customer service representatives will be happy to chat with you live or via email to answer any questions you might have about any of the products in our inventory.