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SMOKtech Replacement Coils

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SMOKtech Replacement Coils

SMOKTech has been producing great Sub Ohm tanks and coils since 2010 under the IVPS Technology banner, and the brand has become synonymous with high-quality tanks and accessories. At you will find one of the largest assortments of SMOKtech Replacement Coils that are engineered to perfection and designed to deliver impeccable Sub Ohm performance at an affordable price. We are proud to be a vendor for this exceptional brand.

Specialization is the name of the game at SMOKTech. The business model employed by the company is market-driven. They take into account the ever-changing landscape in the vaping community and achieve a level of innovation other brands cannot. Today, Sub Ohm vaping is growing in popularity due to its propensity for bold flavor and intense vapor production. SMOKTech has worked hard to fill the needs of this important niche in the marketplace.

SMOKTech is a global force that has seen its products made available throughout America and Europe. The international reputation of the brand cannot be impeached. More than 60,000 users follow the company's social media accounts. Clearly, brand loyalty is not a problem for SMOKTech as the numbers of vapers using SMOKTech tanks has continued to grow. The company appeals to both experienced vapers and those who are buying their first Sub Tank.

The SMOKtech Replacement Coils offered at include the TFV4 Tank Clapton Dual Coils Micro-CLP2 5 pk by SMOK. Clapton Coils have gained popularity for Sub Ohming due to their effectiveness and simplicity. They are formed by the coiling of two wires. A lower gauge wire forms the core while a higher gauge wire is wrapped around the outside. The TFV4 Tank Octuple Coils TF-T8 5 pk by SMOK are sold here in a convenient and economical package and feature organic cotton and Kanthal wire for optimum performance. These are perfect for the cloud chaser. The TFV4 Micro Stainless Coils STC2 5 pk by SMOK also delivers outstanding performance and value.

Explore the Benefits of SMOKtech Coils

Understanding the importance of coils to your Sub Tank is vital to getting all of the benefits from a SMOKTech vaporizer. Rich flavor, voluminous vapor, and length of life are all things to consider when purchasing replacement coils. Some cheaply made coils end up costing you more money in the long run and increase your frustration. Whereas simpler forms of vaping might not be as dependent on quality, Sub Ohming demands excellence in every component. SMOKTech has the experience and other qualifications to exceed the status quo.

A pioneer of dual coil tanks, SMOKTech has been innovating for almost a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Each year the company introduces new tanks and accessories that reflect the most recent technology. In 2015 the brand made waves by introducing the X Cube II, a temperature control mod that makes use of Bluetooth, and the TFV4 tank. The TFV4 quickly became a favorite of experienced vapers and went on to capture the highest ratings and reviews. Any brand can produce a Sub Tank and coils, but few brands perfect the process like SMOKTech. They accomplish that by sparing no expense in hiring the most qualified designers. Try SMOKTech and you will be hard pressed to find other brands that pay such close attention to detail.

While you are shopping for SMOKtech Replacement Coils, be sure to check out all of the Sub Tanks and accessories in our huge inventory. Whatever your needs are, from replacement parts to designer e-liquids, is your trusted partner in the vaping community. Feel free to email us with your questions or use our convenient live chat system.