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SMOKtech Tanks

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SMOKtech Tanks

SMOKtech has a global presence, and the company has numerous partners in Asia, Europe, America and Canada. They are the leading brand for the ShenZhen IVPS Technology Co Limited company, and they excel in research and manufacturing of e-cigarette products. The company has a solid reputation in the world of vaping for producing high-quality products that are at once innovative, functional and reliable. They continually invest in research and technology, and the company has a deep impact on the vaping community due to the highly prized products they create. 

SMOKtech History and Culture

The company has a philosophy that makes it strive to continually reinvent the vaping experience for all of its customers. An emphasis on safety, endurance and taste with products that feature and ever-reaching design element are what make this company so unique. The company is a world leader in the vaporizer field, and they brought innovative products into the world. They own a number of patents for their innovative products, and the SMOK Dual Coil Cartomizer helped to usher in a new era of vaporizer essentials. 

The company is located in Nanshan District within Shenzhen City in China, and its mission state "Success Starts Where It Ends: With the Customers" is prevalent in all their product offerings. The company was founded in 2010, and it has made substantial strides in its time as a premier vaporizer company. 

In an effort to support the needs of vaporizer enthusiasts, the company also launched the Fight for Your Right to Vape movement. The company donated over $10,000 to the American Vaping Association (AVA) to help them with their cause to support vapers rights. The company also has an ongoing donation program to continue funding this cause.

Social Media Presence

SMOKtech has a vibrant social media presence, and they can often be found posting new product information, giving advanced notice of new products and posting useful articles related to vaping. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Find out the latest news on Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram you can browse through a collection of their top-selling products. YouTube offers a slew of instructional videos and information to help make you a better-informed vaper. 

SMOK Product Line

SMOKTech has one of the most innovative product lines on the market. You'll be able to experience outstanding value, a focus on excellence and reliable products that deliver unbelievable taste and vapor. The company is the creator of the SMOK BEC Pro, the very first advanced personal Bluetooth vaporizers. The company also makes a collection of vaporizer tanks, atomizers, mods and accessories to help you enjoy your vaporizer sessions with better equipment and superior style.

Smoktech Components

Some components used in their products would be considered novel just a few years ago. The company uses Bluetooth technology, high-quality steel, titanium, ceramic and heat-resistant technologies to help you maintain a cool and smooth vaping experience. 

SMOK Tank TFV Series

The company offers some of the most exceptional coils available on the market. The TFV8 family of coils offers a larger airflow thanks in large part to the large deck on each unit. The TFV4 units offer two patented coils sub-ohm coils for one of the most intense vaping sessions imaginable. You'll find a wide range of coil options that are designed from some of the best materials on the market to help you get an outstanding and unforgettable vaping experience. Many of the coils feature dual-coil and triple-coil heads, durable stainless steel and pre-installed components to make assembly a breeze. All of their coils use only 100 percent pure organic cotton as a wicking material to make the coils completely inert.