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SMY Mods

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SMY Mods

SMY Mods offers equipment designed for the serious vaper who knows how to effectively and safely use a mod. Getting a high-quality mod that offers all of the functions you need without a lot of unnecessary extra features can be difficult. The company consistently produces effective products with the customer user experience in mind. You'll enjoy an effective and high-quality mod that will help you get more enjoyment out of each session. For the serious vaper who can use a mod with skill and facility, the SMY series of mods provide excellent options.

SMY Mod Product Line

In addition to mods, SMY offers a range of atomizers, starter kits and accessories that are designed to help you get the most out of your vaping sessions. You'll enjoy a rich selection of replacement parts to keep your products functioning in optimal condition. The devices use original designs to give you a custom vaping experience, and you'll love the portable and lightweight design of the SMY products and accessories. 

SMY Mod Selection

The company produces three main types of mods that can help you to enjoy your vaping experience in a more profound way. All of the units feature variable wattage and intuitive user operation so you don't have to spend a lot of time fiddling with functions. The units also come in several color options so you can choose the color and style that best fits your personality and style. When it comes to vaping, the look and feel of your equipment can have a profound effect on your experience. SMY mods are designed to be comfortable, effective and stable. 

SMY Unit Options

Most of the mods provide by SMY offer similar capabilities and temperature control. The biggest choice you'll have to make is what kind of design you want. The units all feature highly reliable parts, and you'll be able to enjoy a portable vaping experience for an extended period of time. The SMY60W TC units are the revised versions of the original SMY60 designed by Simeiyue. These mods change the rules on what's possible with a screen-based vaper on a regulated box. You'll be able to define your experience using either a Fahrenheit or Celsius display.

SMY Mod Features

Each mod system is a sleek unit that offers variable wattage from 5 to 60 watts. You'll also get a smart temperature control box that is designed to be extremely comfortable to hold. The 510 spring-loaded electrode and top pin make it easier to get going, and the body makes use of a new aluminum and zinc alloy material that comes complete with a carbon cover for lightness and durability. You'll love the magnetic door that is convenient and fun to use. The mod also features a large 1.77-inch OLED color display that indicates the date, time and your vaping data for fine-tuning your sessions. With a temperature range from 200F to 600F, you'll be able to enjoy your vaping session your way.

Choosing a Design

The devices come in several colors and styles. The Mini TC Bling Mod sparkles and comes in either red or white so that you can showcase your mod while enjoying an enhanced expert session. The Mini TC Mod comes in four possible color options, so you can experience your session the way you want with a black, blue/black, red/black or stainless steel design. You can also choose one of the Mini TC CF Mods that come in a red/white or silver/white color combinations.