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Who wouldn't want a Hawaiian getaway every day? Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well, dear friends, today Hawaii is just a puff away. That's right, even if you are stuck in a big, grey, rainy city, you can take in the lush tropical breezes of the Hawaiian islands with just one delicious hit.


Product Description

The celebrated company Cosmic Fog Vapors has done it again. They have created the ideal Hawaiian fruit vape. Called Sonrise, this vape will send you off to your own private island any day of the year.

Sonrise is Cosmic Fog's rendition of a cool Hawaiian drink. This blend comes in a 30PG/70VG blend. You will find that passion fruit is the dominant flavor in this blend. There are also notes of pineapple and kiwi that balance and mix with the dominant passion fruit. All together, these three flavors will give you the feel of a refreshing tropical drink.

Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded in Orange County, CA, and is dedicated to giving their customers the greatest possible e-liquids. Time and quality matter to Cosmic Fog. Each blend takes approximately 7-10 months to create. Their expert staff uses all the information a their disposal, including experience in the culinary world, to craft their unique and high-quality blends. Cosmic Fog mixers test all their products for weeks before releasing them to the general public. They need to ensure their mixes meet their own very high standards. If the vape is not good for them all-day, they will not release it to the public. In short, you can be sure that any Cosmic Fog blend will be thoroughly tested before it touches your throat. This rigorous screening process ensures that you will receive only the highest quality e-liquids for your daily fix.

Cosmic Fog also mixes and bottles their products in a clean room. This protects their products from contaminants. Each e-liquid is filtered 5 times to make every drop as clean and potent as possible.

So, even if you find yourself in the midst of a rainy day, never fear. Cosmic Fog has your own personal piece of tropical paradise in a bottle. Just relax, look up, and enjoy the Sonrise.

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