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For a taste that's as soothingly delicious as a sunset in an island paradise, Cosmic Fog Premium Liquid presents Sonset. This incredible e-liquid flavor is the product of Cosmic Fog's intensive blending and development process, and the result is a taste that transports a vaper's experience from ordinary to utterly transformative. 


Product Description

Yes, Sonset is a uniquely delicious taste that could only come from the always amazing Cosmic Fog brand. This incredible liquid flavor takes the vaper on a journey, traveling to the tropical islands just in time for a gloriously multi-colored sunset. The vaper can then take another draw, and let their soul be transported to another place and time, as the taste of pureed Japanese Nashi pears mingles deliciously with the taste of a Parisian Creme brulee. This exquisite recipe could only have come from the unique inspiration of the mixer-founders of Cosmic Fog, who top off this incredible concoction with a sweet dollop of soft salted caramel. 

Cosmic Fog is an Orange County e-liquid brand that is turning the vaping world around with its one of a kind taste sensations. The founders of Cosmic Fog stand by every flavor they release, and commit themselves to a 7 to 10 month blending and testing process before they allow a new liquid flavor to connect with their customer's taste buds. Even after the blending process is complete, the founders themselves take the new flavors through an extensive tasting process, to ensure that their new flavors hold up over weeks of regular vaping. The result of this attention to detail is a line of e-liquid flavors that combines exquisite taste with a great body. It's a combination that keeps vapers coming back for more Cosmic Fog Premium liquids, like Sonset, again and again. 

When you're ready to experience the feeling of a moment in paradise, vaping on a sandy beach at Sunset, you're ready to vape Cosmic Fog's Sonset. 

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