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Sony Batteries

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Discover Sony Batteries

When it comes to electronics and components, few brands are as well-known as Sony. You might be surprised to discover that Sony Batteries from the electronics giant are available for your 18650 vaporizer, and we've got them right here at at an incredible price. When you buy Sony you know you're getting premium quality. Sony is regularly ranked by Consumer Reports as a best buy in various categories of electronic equipment. 

On the 2015 Fortune Global 500, Sony was ranked at number 116. Founded 70 years ago in 1946, Sony has been a recognized leader in the development of electronics since its inception. Originally a producer of tape recorders, Sony has become a worldwide entity that now manufactures everything from the Playstation gaming consoles to Blu-Ray players. As a matter of fact, Sony has been instrumental in introducing the technology for recording formats that have been used in everything from floppy disks to compact discs. It is only natural that the company would include vaporizer batteries in its vast array of products given the increasing popularity of vaping.

Batteries for a vaporizer are an important element. Using the wrong one or one that is inferior can pose a risk to your vaporizer. When you purchase Sony Batteries from, you're not just getting a power source for a vaporizer. You're also getting 70 years of tradition and a history of quality electronics. 

The Sony VCT 5 18650 Battery, available here at, is regularly mentioned as one of the best batteries available for a Sub Ohm vaporizer. The hybrid chemistry of these batteries combines an added level of safety with maximum capacity. This is precisely what those who prefer Sub Ohming look for in a battery for their vaporizer. Discharge rates in a battery are much more important when vaping at resistances of less than 1 Ohm because you are demanding more performance from the battery. Granted, these are things more experienced vapers are concerned with but batteries are an important consideration overall. Vapers want long-lasting, dependable batteries that can achieve the maximum life without needing a recharge. Sony has accomplished these features in their 18650 batteries.

Reliable Batteries by Sony

When you shop for vaporizer batteries that aren't branded by the company that makes your tank, be careful to avoid buying from retailers and names you don't know. Many clones and fakes are out there which do not incorporate the same standard of quality demanded by Sony. When you buy from you can take comfort in knowing that you are getting the legendary Sony brand and all of the reliability that comes with it. The price on these batteries is affordable, too, so ordering two or three is a good way to guarantee that you won't be scrambling to find one when you need a replacement.

Vape Batteries by Sony Made to Last

Every year, Sony invests millions of dollars into research and development. They employ the best designers and engineers. Simply put, competitors often do not possess the resources Sony has access to when designing their products. Despite all of the advances Sony has made in the electronics marketplace, the company still manages to keep their prices low. You could easily spend more on a battery from a competitor only to discover that it does not perform as well as a battery made by Sony.

While you are shopping for Sony Batteries like the VCT 5 18650, don't forget to pick up other accessories you might require from our vast inventory. Few retailers can match our selection. From tanks and coils to more traditional vaporizers, we are continually adding new products. Be sure to bookmark us and check back often for the latest arrivals.