Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors E-Liquid


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Think back to one of your favorite candy flavors of all time, and sure enough, your mouth with start to water as you consider the tasty, zesty flavor of sour gummy candies. Sour gummies are an all time favorite for generations of candy loving people. The sour gummy flavor is a lip smacking favorite, which is why it's turning up again in the classic taste of Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors.


Product Description

This delicious taste is one that vape enthusiasts return to again and again. It's been amazingly captured in the delightful taste of this easy to inhale vape, with all its tantalizing sour deliciousness. Just one inhale of Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors and you'll be convinced that yes indeed, this is an all time classic vaping flavor.

This deliciously tart and sour flavor goes on great on the inhale, with that zany fruity flavor really waking up the taste buds in a major way. On the exhale, prepare for another burst of sour and sweet taste, for a sensation that will take you up, up and away into another universe of tasty pleasure!

How does Hold Fast Vapors get so much great taste into one incredible e-Juice? They do it by using a refined mixing and blending technique developed in the kitchens of Hold Fast Vapors over hours and hours of practice and trial and error. The mix masters at Hold Fast Vapors adhere to the highest standards of mixing and blending, to bring their customers the very best tastes available anywhere on the planet, or even in the universe. This is a company that stands by the quality of its flavors, especially its Sour Dream candy taste!

Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors is sure to be an all time favorite for vapers everywhere. Who doesn't love the incredible taste of sour gummy candy? All this adds up to a very pure, rich flavor and a draw that is as smooth and satisfying as can be. 

Right now Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors is available in a 30ml bottle, to ensure that customers who love this product will have plenty on hand for vape after vape after vape.

Is it time to indulge in one of your favorite tastes, the taste of authentic sour gummy candy? Yes it is! So it's time to order up Sour Dream by Hold Fast Vapors, today!

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