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Sour Dream E-Liquid

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Sour Dream E-Juice

Sour Dream E-Liquid is a brand that specializes in creating nostalgic, candy-inspired flavors that perfectly capture the iconic tastes of sour apple and sour melon treats. This company has gained a following by being authentic. Each of their flavors is aromatic and flavorful, and can be vaped all day in a variety of settings without becoming overpowering or bland. When you vape an e-juice created by Sour Dream, the first draw you take will be as spectacular as the first.

Based in California, a state known for producing great e-liquids, Sour Dream was created by Hold Fast Vapors. Hold Fast Vapors is known for popular e-liquids such as Pirates Booty, a highly-original blend that combines notes of strawberry and banana with cotton candy. Now, Hold Fast Vapors has taken all of their expertise and created Sour Dream. It is no small task to take on the creation of e-liquids that are based on legendary candy tastes. Every aspect of the process has to be perfected so that the tastes delivered are authentic, and Sour Dream succeeds on all levels.

Sour Apple by Sour Dream E-Liquid was one of the first flavors introduced by this brand. It captures the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The first flavor note is tangy and designed to make the mouth water. This soon gives way to incredible sweetness that is punctuated by delightful sugar sprinkles. Unlike some e-juices, each flavor in this one is distinct and something you will instantly be able to identify. 

Sour Melon by Sour Dream E-Liquid takes the brand's commitment to authenticity to a new level. It features a sour zip that is topped off by the juiciness of ripened watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew melons. After the initial splash of tart perfection subsides, the individual flavors of the melons themselves come through to balance out this e-liquid that smells as good as it tastes.

Expert Mixology for Sour Dream E-Liquid

To embark upon this venture of making e-juices inspired by sour candy, Sour Dream sought out and employed trained mixologists that have made the creation of e-liquids their life's work. Together, the team conducts extensive research and development over several months as they try out different combinations to see which yield a recipe that is most faithful to the candy that inspired a flavor. Once the recipe is perfected, the highest quality materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the industry. These ingredients are then blended under the supervision of trained professionals and sent to the final stage of the process which is called steeping.

Steeping is what creates a bold flavor that you will remember. Carried out in specially designed clean rooms that must meet industry certifications, steeping lets all of the individual flavors blend together so that each one can be identified when you vape. Sour Dream is a brand that is an expert at the steeping process. You can be certain that each bottle you purchase is steeped to perfection. All you have to do is put it in your vaporizer and enjoy. 

E-liquids from this brand are packaged in 60 ml bottles, making them both an economical and a convenient choice. You can choose from a nicotine consistency of 0, 3, or 6 mg to suit your individual preference. 

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