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Sour Licks E-Liquid

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Sour Licks E-Juice

Formulated to produce satisfying billowy vape clouds, Sour Licks E-Liquid is all about maximum vaping pleasure. Sour Licks E-Liquid has two delectable must-try sweet then sour flavors that take candy flavored vape juice to an entirely new level of taste sensation, Sour Peach Rings and Sour Licorice. These flavors have a sassy pop to them that will keep you coming back for more. Available in a range of nicotine levels, these vape juice flavor adventures make it easier to ease your way down on the nicotine. 

Sour Rings by Sour Licks E-Liquid by Sour Licks E-Liquid comes on tangy-peachy-sweet, like your favorite peach candy chew. Then, here comes the sour sugary flavor that takes the taste to the next level, deliciously unforgettable. Yet, and here is the masterful flavor designing touch Sour Licks is fast becoming known for, even with the tang and tart contrast to the sweet of the peach, the throat hit is smooth. This is a flavor that could quickly replace your current favorite all day vape. Your taste buds will fall in sweet and sour candy love.

Delicious Licorice E-Liquid

Red licorice lovers will fall head over heels for the Sour Licorice by Sour Licks E-Liquid. That sweet red licorice flavor you know and love is followed up with a wave of sour candy tartness that will make your mouth water with the joy of it. Prepare to be infatuated, then lured into a delicious long term relationship with a new e-liquid flavor favorite. 

Delicious Sour Licks E-Liquid flavors have the sort of mouthwatering flavor you'll love to vape. Made in California by a company taking their exclusive small batch flavors big time, Sour Licks E-Liquid flavors have flair. You'll savor these sweet-sour candy flavors as much as you do the feel of the clouds produced by this premium vape juice. Give your taste buds a new flavor favorite with Sour Licks E-Liquid sweet and tart taste sensations.