Sour Licorice by Sour Licks E-Liquid

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When contemplating the vast array of options available for your vaping pleasure, look no further than the tongue tantalizing option of Sour Licorice by Sour Licks E-Liquid. The Sour Licorice flavors tickle your taste buds. The availability of the Sour Licorice product sweetens your interest. The price of Sour Licorice crystallizes your choice. 


Product Description

With every vape you enjoy the delicious flavor of Sour Licorice. Sour Licks E-Liquid took a unique spin on traditional red licorice by twisting the classic flavor into a burst of sour flavor. The result is a satisfying flavor combination of sweet and sour. The taste is smooth and delicious. Your vaping pleasure is optimized with each vape.

Sour Licks E-Liquid is a division of TerraClouds Eliquid. The Sour Licks E-Liquid brand launched its products on January 3, 2015. Though relatively knew in the industry, Sour Licks E-Liquid has made its mark as it produces and delivers on unique flavors and high quality. The Sour Licks brand has chiseled out a niche able to indulge taste buds with a blend of sweet and sour flavors. 

The Sour Licks E-Liquid comes in both a 30 ml and 60 ml option. The strength of the purchase is controlled completely by the buyer. The Sour Licks E-Liquid comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This product also contains 70% vg, or vegetable glycerin. The benefit of such a high percentage of vegetable glycerin in this product is it has a sweeter taste. Another benefit is the vapor tends to be larger and lingers longer, making your vaping experience similar to that of the caterpillar on Alice in Wonderland – both fun and relaxing. Further, vegetable glycerin is typically easier on a throat making the experience of using the Sour Licks E-Liquid even better. 

Sour Licks E-Liquid is a great option for your vaping needs. Not only does it taste delicious, it is easier on the throat, and comes from a trusted company. The flavors are sweet and sour in one blissful combination, providing each vape a delicious experience. Sour Licks E-Liquid also provides different sized bottles as well as different options of milligrams of nicotine so you are able to customize your experience. 

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