Sour Rings by Sour Licks E-Liquid

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Do you miss your favorite sour rings? Do you long for the experience of eating sour candy rings that leave your mouth watering and taste buds tingling? Leaving your mouth tingling and watering from the sour and fruit flavor?


Product Description

Sour Licks E-liquid manufacturer brings back those candy treats with Sour Rings vape flavor, combining both fruity and sour sugar flavor.

This flavor represents those iconic candies you loved. Every inhale and exhale is delightfully smooth, and the fruity flavor mixed with the sugary sour candy keeps you pleased until the last puff. You can take your senses on an adventure, tingle your taste buds, make your mouth watering with this iconic candy flavor that keeps you satisfied until the last puff. 

Tease your taste buds with this delicious and blended sweet and sour candy vape flavor. It blends the fruity flavor with the sugary sour flavor for a well-balanced vape flavor that is intense and delicious with each puff. This flavor keeps you hooked to the last drop with each exhale and inhale as delightfully smooth as the first.

On the inhale, you get a sweet fruity aroma balanced well with a smooth sugary sour exhale. This flavor is expertly balanced with sweet on the inhale and sour on the exhale to give you an intense experience all the way through. This sweet and sour candy flavor leaves you with the candy experience you yearn for.

This unforgettable vape experience is intense yet smooth, because it balances the sweetness of the fruit flavor with the sourness of the sour sugar coating of the candy. These two flavors balance each other well to bring that familiar experience of sour rings. This tasting experience takes your taste buds back to a better time with Sour Rings by Sour Licks. Juicy fruit rings coated with sour sugar combines for the ultimate in candy vaping experience.

This E-liquid offers the most delicious combination of crispy sweet fruit and sour sugar offered in a long time. It will leave you wanting more and keep you intensely satisfied until the end. If you want the ultimate experience with a vape liquid, then you need to get Sour Rings E-liquid by Sour Licks. It starts with sweet fruit inhale and finishes with a sour sugar exhale to create the ultimate all day experience. Do you want to take a trip to the candy store? Sour Licks takes you there.

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