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Space Case Grinders

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Top Quality Vape Space Case Grinders

For the best prices on Space Case Grinders, shop at where you can find a large selection from this popular brand. This American-based manufacture of dry herb grinders is dedicated to sourcing the best materials for their products and building them to last. A grinder from Space Case could very well be the last grinder you need to buy. Don't go for cheap acrylic. Choose the titanium and aluminum perfection of a Space Case.

Herb Space Case Grinders

Space Case has perfected the manufacture of the herb grinder. The process begins with selecting the best materials for construction. Titanium and aerospace aluminum are used by Space Case for the ultimate in durability and functionality. Since herb grinders are used often it is vital that they are able to withstand the rigors of heavy use. All of the herb grinders from Space Case are precision machined to perfection. You don't have to worry about them failing to perform properly after extended use, a problem with many other grinders. The brand also has a large variety of grinders to choose from. They produce the compact and portable units as well as larger four-piece varieties.

4 Piece Space Case Grinders

The Space Case 4 pc Grinder Small is just 2" wide by 1.75" tall. It fits nicely in the pocket and uses aerospace grade aluminum for outstanding resilience. A magnet is incorporated to keep the two pieces together and the teeth are ultra sharp to produce the appropriate texture for vaping. This grinder is also supported by a lifetime warranty. The weight is also minimal.

The Space Case 4 pc Grinder Large is geared for the big jobs. It is 3.5" in diameter and can grind enough for you and all of your vaping friends. It is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum. This grinder also makes use of a Teflon O-ring that makes the entire process smooth.

Reliable Space Case Grinders

Clearly, Space Case is a company that will gives vapers a lot of choices. They understand that the needs of vapers are as unique as vapers themselves. 

Space Case Grinders are used to prepare dry herbs for vaping. Before herbs can be vaped they must be put through a grinder. This process enables the herbs to be spread over a greater area and produce vapor. Many people today prefer to use a vaporizer for dry herbs. It can be a cleaner and more economical way to use the herbs. Yet, not all herb grinders are created equal. Some of them are made from cheap material and either break or do not grind the herb as needed. It is true in this case that you get what you pay for. While grinders from Space Case can cost a little more than the average unit, the value comes from how long they last and how well they perform.

Top-Notch Grinders from Space Case

As a company, Space Case does one thing and they do it exceptionally well. By narrowing their focus to the production of great herb grinders, their products get better year after year. A simple check of message boards and forums dedicated to the vaping community or a look at the ratings and reviews posted by vapers just like you will be enough to convince you that these grinders are some of the best on the market.

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