Spiral Nectar Dab Straws


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Enjoy endless sessions with the help of the Spiral Nectar Dab Straws.


Product Description

This handy tool is one of the most efficient and easiest way to indulge in your dabbing cravings without all the extras. Made of premium, Borosilicate glass this bad boy can retrain heat and is very sturdy for safe and quality performance. Ergonomically crafted the Spiral Nectar Sab Straw is perfect for use on the go as it is ultra-portable and its stunning spiral chassis is built for comfort when held in the hand. Similar to a glass tube, you use it one end will be used as a heating tool for your materials and the other is used as a mouthpiece. To use, simply put your materials in a dish, heat up the tip, dip the tip in the materials and as the vapor is filtered in the middle glass piece you can inhale. Just as easy as that! At a great price, don’t miss out on the Spiral Nectar Dab Straws. Get yours today!

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