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Standard Functions Tanks

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Standard Functions Tanks

Standard Functions Tanks has a mission to produce top-quality vaporizers and accessories, and embraces that mission by offering the Rhyno Pro Series RDA from the Standard Functions line. We can get behind a company like this because of their attitude and commitment to superior construction. If you want premium features at a fraction of the cost, Standard Functions Tanks are a good choice.

The complete mission at Standard Functions Tanks is threefold. The company seeks to establish a worldwide presence in the vaping market by focusing on innovation and expert research and development. Standard Functions Tanks also seeks to build long-lasting relationships with their customers by virtue of reliability. Finally, this company actively seeks to educate and inspire others about the vaping lifestyle.

There are also a set of principles that guide Standard Functions Tanks. First and foremost the company only sells original products that have been designed by their research and development team. You never have to worry about these tanks being clones or cheap imitations of other tanks. Next, the mods and tanks produced by Standard Functions are innovative. As vaping technology changes, so does Standard Functions. They aren't content to rest on their accomplishments. Finally, the manufacturer upholds honesty as a foundation of their business.

The Rhyno Pro Series RDA by Standard Functions Tanks is a piece of equipment that reflects both the mission and the governing principles mentioned above. This RDA is geared specifically for competition vaping and producing voluminous clouds of vapor. Those who participate in vaping competitions will be amazed at how well this affordable unit performs. Made from stainless steel, the Rhyno Pro Series RDA also has a 24k gold-plated four post design as well as a 24k gold-plated tarnish-proof 510 pin. It is laser engraved and serialized.

Newcomers and RDA's

Obviously, Standard Functions Tanks were crafted with experienced vapers in mind. They are ideally suited to those that have had some prior experience with an RDA. That doesn't mean, however, that newcomers to sub ohm vaping won't like these tanks. The reality is that they are simple to use and are a perfect introduction to the more serious side of vaporizer technology. You won't have to empty the bank to get one here at, either. Our prices are often the lowest you will find online.

To gain a foothold in the RDA side of vaping, a company has to make sure they ship a product that is reliable and consistent in the delivery of vapor and flavor. Standard Functions Tanks succeeds in that regard, so much so that the company has already built a legion of dedicated followers.

While shopping for Standard Functions Tanks on, be sure to check out the entire line of products we offer. You will find all manner of tanks, mods, pens, replacement parts and components, and the largest selection of designer e-juices that you have likely encountered at an online shop. Everything we do is meant to make your life easier and help you enjoy your passion for vaping.