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Vape Starter Kits

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Vape Starter Kits Overview

Starter kits are one of the most affordable ways to experience vaping with a mod or other device. These kits include everything you need to begin in one convenient package. All you need to do is add your favorite e-liquid and enjoy the device. Rather than purchasing items separately, choosing a starter kit can be economically wise. These kits range from those designed for beginners to kits for advanced vapers.

A primary piece of any kit is the mod or battery. Kits are available which feature vape pens or you can opt for a kit with an advanced mechanical box mod. It is important that you spend some time thinking about which device will best suit your needs. Kits also include an atomizer or tank. This is the component that attaches to the battery and contains the coils for heating your e-liquid. A tank also holds the e-liquid you will use.

What's Included in Vape Starter Kits?

Also most often included in a starter kit is a USB cable for charging the mod's internal battery. Some devices use an external battery and a kit may or may not include these. Some kits also include extra replacement parts that come in handy, and many of them may also offer additional coil heads to get you started. Finally, there will almost always be a user manual to help you learn how to operate your new device.

Included among the most popular kits is the Matchlock Mod Starter Kit w/RDA by JT Mods. This is a kit for the advanced vaper who is ready to begin exploring a rebuildable dripping atomizer. These types of atomizers let vapers choose and build their own coil architecture. This kit includes a mod and a matching RTA. Batteries are sold separately.

Another best-selling kit is the Kanger DripBox Starter Kit by KangerTech. This kit will be appreciated by those who are trying a mod for the first time. The DripBox offers outstanding functionality but is a very user-friendly device. The kit includes a mod, tank, charging cable, and more.

Choosing a Vaping Starter Kit

When choosing a kit, vapers will notice that kits come in many price ranges. A very basic kit can cost less than $50 while more advanced kits can range as high as $100. The price of the kit you choose will depend upon the model of mod it contains. More advanced units will cost more, but the price of a kit is still typically far below the cost of purchasing components individually.

Many vapers report that they like to gift kits when choosing something for a friend that is new to vaping. A kit helps to shorten the process of learning about vaping and removes the frustration from the experience. It can be very disappointing to receive a mod only to discover than you still need to purchase a tank, batteries, and other accessories. You can help your vaping friend have a better overall experience when you hook them up with a complete kit.

Most Popular Vape Starter Kits.

Most of the popular brands like SMOKTech, KangerTech, Sigelei, and Innokin all offer their most popular mods in kit form. An advantage of purchasing a complete kit is that the components will all be from the same manufacturer. While most mods and tanks are 510-threaded and can be interchanged, a kit offers the peace of mind that you are getting components that were designed to work together. It is also easier to manage warranty issues when you only have to deal with one brand.

While you are shopping for a starter kit, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, and accessories. We have something for everyone, and our selection of kits is one of the largest you will find online.