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Stix E-Liquid

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  • Strawberry Wafer by Stix E-Liquid

    Strawberry Wafer by Stix E-Liquid is engineered to amaze. Everyone loves the sweet flavor of succulent, aromatic strawberries. Stix E-Liquid combines the delicious flavor of everyone's favorite fruit with a delicious treat, the wafer cookie. The mixers first take the savory taste of only the finest strawberries hand-picked off the vine.

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    Regular Price: $34.99

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Stix E-Juice

Stix E-Liquid is an innovative company that sets out to prove you do not have to sacrifice value for quality. They take great pride in producing the first great Stix E-Liquid flavor, Stix Strawberry Wafer. Their mission is bring great vaping experiences to the world. They strive to improve the e-liquid experience with high quality and attractive but practical packaging. The company takes great care and pride in every drop of delicious Strawberry Wafer E-Liquid. They want your business, so they strive to be the best. Their goal is to improve the overall vaping experience. They believe that the moment you try Strawberry Wafer E-Liquid, it will become your all-time favorite. They are certain you will agree that it is an exceptional all day vape. The flavor is sweet and tart without being too heavy. They are sure you will deeply enjoy that full and fun flavor of delicious Strawberry Wafer. 

The mixers at Stix E-Liquid create the wonderful Strawberry Wafer blend by starting with the flavor of the delicious fruit, strawberry. They seek to mimic the flavor of only the finest strawberries, those that are hand-picked and grown in the mountains. To succulent strawberry, they mix in the taste of a yummy wafer cookie. To create the cookie flavor, they swirl the taste of vanilla beans with butter flavoring. The result is a fine dessert vapor that is sure to become your new favorite. 

Unicorn Style Bottles

All of the packages are carefully designed at Stix with innovation in mind. Each custom slim line package contains two 30 mL unicorn bottles, so you get a total of 60 mL of delicious Strawberry Wafer e-juice. The bottles are slim, so they can be easily pocketed, unlike a bulky 30m mL glass bottle. The bottles are also easy to squeeze, so you will have no problem pouring the liquid into your drip or tank. They come with a beautiful holographic image on the bottle, so they are visually appealing. In addition, they are easy to fill.

Stix prides itself on producing the premium vapor, Strawberry Wafer. It is sumptuous and light, so it can be used all day long. Each bottle of liquid is thoroughly tested, so it is free of contaminants. Stix knows that its customers desire only the best, and they strive to bring the best to them with their blend, Strawberry Wafer. Look for new flavors by Stix E-Liquid that are in development now. It takes months to create the perfect blend, but the result will be worth the wait.