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Stratus eNails

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Stratus eNails

Stratus offers a wide variety of vaping accessories that are designed to help you get more out of your sessions. The items are constructed to exacting standards and can help you maintain a proper temperature when using your eNail products. Designed to get the most out of your blends, Stratus products make it possible to enjoy a superior session and get the most out of your product.

Simplicity Defined

If you're a seasoned vaper, you'll love the control that this eNail offers. For users who want a highly affordable product with the basic functionality needed to enjoy an outstanding vaping session, this eNail is exactly what you need. You'll get the complete base unit with all the controls you need to expertly control your session.

Analog Versus Digital

Digital eNails are useful, but the added technology makes them a more expensive option. The experienced vaper will find that an analog system gives you a more tactile response to your session, and it can make it easier to control the temperature through the use of a simple dial. 

Multi-Grade Temperature Control

This unit offers graded temperature control, with clearly marked settings at the 450F, 700F and 1000F mark. Different temperature levels are clearly marked with a green, yellow, blue and red coloring system so that you can quickly adjust the setting even in low-light conditions. There are no buttons to mess with or settings to program, just start up your eNail and set the unit to your preferred temperature setting.

Timer Function

For safety and convenience, you can set your unit to automatically shut down. The unit can be set to shut in increments of one hour. Choose anywhere from one to five hours. You'll also be able to easily power the unit off and on. The ergonomic design makes it possible to easily hold and manipulate the unit. With a digital system, you'll have to fiddle with various settings, buttons and controls. This unit makes it easy to quickly get up and running and get to what really matters.

Additional Features

The unit features a long cable that is designed to make it easy to set your eNail up on a table and control your system. A convenient velcro tab secures the tubing in place when it's not in use, which makes this an extra-portable device that's easy to slip into a bag. You'll enjoy additional utility, and the threaded end makes it easy to attach the unit to your preferred extension.

Universal Titanium Nail

The eNail comes with one universal Grade 2 14mm, 18mm titanium nail that can accommodate both male and female extensions. This makes it suitable for the vast majority of applications, and it can help you to get the most out of your vaping sessions and provide the most options in a single unit.

Affordable Vaping Sessions

ENail controllers can be expensive, but by choosing an analog unit you can get into the hobby at a lower price level. You'll also be able to get an outstanding unit that offers exceptional control and utility. This device offers simple, reliable product control that's able to help you enjoy a complete and full vaping session without added expense.