Strawberry Banana Disposable by PUFF Bar


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Perfect for your sweet tooth, Strawberry Banana has the delicious, sugary kick you need. Infusing fresh strawberry flavor with ripe bananas one puff from this bar will feel like you are eating the real thing.


Product Description

Strawberry Plus Banana, What a Treat!

Enjoy the Strawberry Banana Puff Bar Now!

Sporting a 280mAh battery for lasting power and pre-filled with 1.3mL 5%(50MG) Salt Nic E-Liquid this balance of sweet and tangy delivers a phenomenal experience all day. Without charging or complicated settings, just inhale to fire up and when done throw it away. Easy as that! The perfect disposable portable device to enjoy the Strawberry Banana Puff Bar today!

More about Puff Bars!

Since arriving on the market, the Puff Bars have been ruling the game! Delivering delicious disposable bars to the industry. With over 24 remarkable flavors, Puff Bars allow for all day flavor right at the palm of your hand. Just enjoy, puff then throw away when finished. Easy as that!

Following set values; simplicity, quality and a healthier alternative to consume smoke, Puff Bars maintain excellence in an easy to use disposable bar.

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