Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid


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Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is the perfect flavor for someone wanting a smooth refreshing vape. The strawberry is fresh and authentic, without being overpowering. The vanilla custard smooth without being cloyingly sweet. The smooth taste of Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is making it an extremely popular choice for vapers of all types.


Product Description

Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is available with 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg of nicotine. It comes in both 30 and 120 ml bottles. The 120 ml bottle is particularly attractive. Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is a good choice for someone searching for a fresh, sweet flavor profile. There are some lighter, more subtle flavors underneath the strawberry and vanilla custard main profile, which add complexity to the blend. 

The combination of subtle and fresh flavors make this a perfect everyday flavor, one that you are unlikely to tire of. Many people find this blend the ideal staple addition to their vaping collection. In fact many people who routinely switch flavors before finishing an entire bottle find they just don't get tired of Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquidis the way they do many other e-liquids. 

Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). CRFT uses the highest USP grade ingredients in all their products. The use of quality ingredients in Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid give the e-liquid a fresh, realistic strawberry flavor. There is no hint of artificial or medicinal strawberry flavoring in this blend. The custard provides a refreshing and unexpected vanilla hit on exhale that helps clear the palate. 

The consistency of Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is a little thinner than some other e-liquids, and it works well with both tanks and drippers. CRFT has experimented with many combinations of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine in order to come up with the smoothest blend possible. The result is an e-liquid that is wonderfully enjoyable straight out of the bottle, and only gets more mellow with some time to breathe. 

Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid is a great choice for someone new to vaping, as it's easy to vape and doesn't provide a harsh throat hit. The complex flavor blend will be appreciated by those more experienced to vaping. People who concern themselves with the quality of what they put in their bodies will be most pleased with the high quality of the ingredients used in CRFT's blends. Overall, Strawberry Blonde by CRFT E-Liquid has a place in everyone's collection of e-liquids.

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