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Strawberry by Bazooka Vape creates an admirable, flavorful recreation of sour and sweet straw style candy. This one hits the perfect note of the taste in a genuine, naturally grown strawberry. This flavor also has the best attributes of an e-liquid. The essence is powerful, but won't coat a user's mouth in tackiness. The exhaled vapor cloud is also satisfyingly large and dense. Overall, this is a balanced e-liquid meant to compliment any collection.


Product Description

Within the standard e-liquid line, Strawberry by Bazooka Vape has a powerful punch. Aside from its mission to take vapers on a nostalgic, candy filled journey, it also seeks to fulfill wholly satisfying flavor. Bazooka Vape left no stone un-turned with this powerful, yet subtle addition to their collection. 

Like the other e-liquids in the line, Strawberry's taste and cloud payoff are in perfect accord. Strawberry flavored items have a tendency to be too sweet to be truly enjoyed beyond one or two draws. However, Bazooka Vape perfectly balances the sweet flavor into a yummy product while never leaving behind any unpleasant after taste. Strawberry's VG is 70% while the PG is 30%. The end result of this ratio is flavorful, vapor dense draws that will have users reloading it again and again.

Another flavor within Bazooka Vape's regular line of e-liquids is Blue Raspberry. It is a slightly more tangy take on straw styled candies than Strawberry. While it starts with an initial sourness, it always ends with a satisfying sweetness. Per the usual with the brand's other flavors, it seeks to take users down memory lane while still packing powerful flavor and singularly ideal clouds. 

Another line that Bazooka Vape has it called Tropical Thunder. Mango Tango is among the flavor options and is a true testament of its fruit counterpart. Available in a 100mL bottle, this e-liquid is sweet without being tacky and always yields vapor filled exhales. The balance of taste and vapor is an integral part of this product and won't sacrifice the qualities of an exemplar e-liquid. 

The makers of these products, Bazooka Vape, made a place for themselves in the industry several years ago. Located in Los Angeles, their products are all made in America and stick to a theme of creating flavors that speak to candy counterparts. Since opening their doors, they've made it their mission to create e-liquid products that never sacrifice their quality.

Strawberry by Bazooka Vape is available with nicotine concentrations of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. By providing users with these options, they allow their customer base access to whatever their strength preference is. The package size of the bottle is 60mL, a large size that is ideal as vapers will find themselves wanting this e-liquid time and time again. The eye-dropper style top makes refills easy and allows users to use every drop of the product without any going to waste. 

While you search through Bazooka Vape's various flavors, feel free to search through the many e-liquids, tanks, mods, and supplies available at If you have a general question or are wondering about something specific, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. They are knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions.

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