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Ethos Vapors is a prominent e-liquid brand that was established back in 2014. It also happens to be the company that's behind the exciting Strawberry Crispy Treats e-liquid that's recently been taking the vaping world by storm. If you're someone who has a healthy appreciation for delightful flavors, there's no doubt that you'll fall fast for Ethos' Strawberry Crispy Treats liquid. It's a fun and fruity take on the brand's classic Crispy Treats e-juice.


Product Description

Marshmallow rice cereal tastes amazing. Marshmallow rice cereal in treat form tastes even better! If you add some sweet strawberry taste to the equation, things then go to a whole new level. That's exactly what Ethos Vapors has done by introducing the Strawberry Crispy Treats e-liquid to the world. If you want to enjoy a vapor that can remind you of the fun and crunchy texture of a delicious marshmallow rice cereal treat, this e-liquid can do the trick for you. If you want to enjoy a vapor that can give you the sheer joy of the taste of a juicy strawberry, this e-liquid can do the trick for you as well. This Ethos Vapors e-liquid is ideal for anyone who has a sweet tooth in any way. This e-liquid can give you a vapor that tastes so wonderful that it's practically irresistible.

Although the flavor of the Strawberry Crispy Treats e-liquid is pleasant, sweet, charming and refreshing, it's also far from overpowering. If you're the kind of vaping fan who likes e-liquid flavors that are delicious without being too much, this Ethos Vapor offering is sure to please you. Its flavor is a perfect balance of marshmallow rice cereal and pure strawberry goodness. The sweetness the e-liquid flavoring offers is impressive. The depth of the flavoring is extremely impressive, too. There are just so many different layers to its excellent and clear taste.

If you'd love nothing more than to relish a vapor that's reminiscent of a good old-fashioned strawberry rice crispy treat, there's simply no better e-liquid choice on the market than this one. This e-liquid's flavor will remind you quickly of the warm and comforting joy of a baked dessert. When you're looking for a vaping experience that can give you the highest level of relaxation, Ethos Vapors' Strawberry Crispy Treats can certainly deliver for you. The sugary taste this e-liquid offers is no joke.

This is a limited edition flavor from the Ethos Vapors team. That makes savoring the taste of the sweet e-liquid feel even more special and thrilling. If you buy this e-juice, you'll receive a lovely limited edition box that can give you the complete experience. The box consists not only of the e-liquid bottle but also of a single microfiber cloth and a single dripping cap. If you check out the contents of this box, you'll have absolutely everything you need to participate in a fun, thrilling and wholly satisfying vaping journey.

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    This is one of the few vape juices that tastes just like it says. Strawberry on the inhale crispies on the exhale. What a great liquid

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