Strawberry Milk by MOO E-Liquids


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Craving a nice, tall, cool glass of strawberry milk? Taste the well-blended, smooth flavor of refreshing strawberry and creamy milk? Strawberry Milk by Moo e-liquids blends the two flavors together to bring you a smooth, decadent vape flavor that will indulge your taste buds and leave you wanting more. 


Product Description

This full-bodied, full flavor e-liquid is just yet another example of this company's indulgent line of milky e-liquids. This simple and scrumptious blend of ripe, fresh strawberries and cool, creamy milk leaves your mouth watering with every vape. This flavor meets this company's goal of provided high quality milk flavors to their vape customers. 

Each puff of this smooth and silky flavor leaves a full-bodied and sweet aroma that is good to the last puff. This vape is perfect for all day and is a great vape for those moments when you just want to relax. With this delicious flavor, you will have aromatic, full smooth clouds. 

This fresh milk flavor leaves a smooth, rich, and creamy taste blended with gentle crispness of fresh strawberry that is intense yet supple with each and every puff. This custard flavor is like no other and is sure to be your favorite. Each creamy puff will leave you wanting more. You will be anticipating the next fruity, creamy puff.

This vape gives you a sweet, smooth, creamy inhale and on the exhale, you get a nice tangy strawberry finish. This well-blended smoothie type flavor is an excellent relaxation. If you crave that glass of flavored milk, then Strawberry Milk by Moo is an excellent addition to your vaporizer. You can taste the ripe strawberries and it finishes with a smooth glass of milk. Your mouth will be watering after each puff. 

Strawberry Milk by Moo is sure to please any milk enthusiast or fruit lover. This flavor tastes like fresh, ripe strawberries put into a blender with cool, creamy milk. It is truly a dessert treat! This smoothie flavor is sure to be a great dessert finish to your day. The first hit gives you that bold milk flavor and each puff leaves you with the fruity strawberry after taste. 

Strawberry Milk by Moo delivers a boldness that is sure to blow your taste buds away. It blends two flavors together to give you the ultimate vaping experience. Nothing like a cool glass of milk and a bowl of freshly cut ripe strawberries to finish your day. That is what you will get with Strawberry Milk by Moo.

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