Strawberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid


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Enjoy a delicious sweet treat without feeling any of the guilt from calories with Strawberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid. This is a liquid that gives you a true feeling of drinking a strawberry shake while vaping.


Product Description

It has a fresh taste of the berries that you won't find with many of the other liquids that have some of the same flavor notes. It is easily one of the finest juices on the market because of the subtle and sweet flavors that merge together to create one delicious shake. 

When you open the Strawberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid bottle, you are greeted by the most delectable strawberry notes that you have ever inhaled. The scent of the e-liquid isn't very overpowering, smelling quite a lot like fresh berries that have been freshly plucked from a strawberry plant before being tossed in a bowl and brought to your table. Add to those mouthwatering berries to a rich vanilla cream to get a milkshake that you can enjoy on any hot summer day. This is a liquid that when vaped will leave a taste on the tongue that you can take with you all day. It is akin to a dessert that is enticing and one that is rich with all of the flavors that you would expect to find in a homemade shake. 

As you take in the vapor from this juice, the scent of strawberry fields only gets more intense. While this might not be something that all enjoy, it's an aroma that is pleasing to many as it fills the room with an exhilirating sweetness. The bottle is sleek, dark and elegant with a smooth metallic finish on it's wrap featuring a golden wolf logo surrounded by vintage embellishments. The bottle comes in 30ml and 60ml sizes, granting you a choice as to how much of the delicious shake you want to enjoy while vaping. Keep the tank set on a low temperature so that there isn't any burnt flavor when tasting or smelling. 

One of the things that you will notice about the Strawberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid is that as you continue to vape the liquid, the strawberry overpowers the vanilla cream. There are three different nicotine levels to the liquid. It is made with premium ingredients to give you the best vaping experience possible. Combine a little bit of the chocolate shake to get a flavor that resembles a chocolate covered strawberry or a strawberry and chocolate donut or pie.

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