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Do you miss those favorite summertime ice cream treats? As an adult, you can recapture that aroma and flavor in the Strawberry Shortie by Good Vapor E-liquid. Strawberry Shortie by Good Vapor Co E-Liquid takes the vapor consumer back to the good days of biting into a strawberry frozen popsicle coated in cookie crumbles.


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Good Vapor is becoming known for their nostalgic flavors, bringing back old time ice cream classics, like the Strawberry Popsicle. This flavor helps the customer remember the cool crisp flavor of their favorite summer ice. The taste is crisp and clean like fresh strawberries but sweet and sugary like vanilla cookie crumbles. It brings back memories of hot summer days and cool refreshing ice cream popsicles. Those strawberry, cookie crumble coated popsicle treats are an all time summer favorite. 

This Strawberry Shortie vape flavor is guaranteed to tingle anyone's taste buds who enjoy the crisp clean flavor of fruity ice cream bars. This vape treat combines strawberries, vanilla, and cookie crumble into one fantastic vape treat. This cookie flavor is so authentic you would think that you were biting into a cookie. This aromatic vapor will keep you in ice cream heaven and likely draw the attention of those around you. Leaving an aromatic scent of ice cream treat, this flavor will leave you wanting more. 

Reviews of this flavor are that it is smooth, intense, complex, and well-balanced. With the mixture of strawberries and vanilla, it delivers that strawberry shortcake flavor but like none before. It adds in the cookie and whip cream flavor to make it intense, complex and balanced. On the inhale, you get a creamy mix of vanilla, strawberries, and cookies. On the exhale, you taste sweet candied strawberries. Overall, a truly delicious treat. You can taste a light whip cream on the inhale, but a much heavier whipped cream on the exhale. 

The inhale is just as sweet and complex as the exhale. The ingredients mix together to bring a strong dessert vapor experience to the lucky person. You can taste the remnants of any ice cream bar in your mouth, making it a delectable vape flavor to enjoy your favorite nicotine without any after taste. Inhaling the vapor will draw you into wanting more. Getting a bottle of this scrumptious liquid is sure to cause you to have a delightful dessert experience. The flavor comes in a 30 ML glass dropper bottle.

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    Smells and taste just like stale peanuts. No strawberry flavor at all. Also smells worse that regular cigs.

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