Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid

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Breakfast will never be the same once you try the Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid flavoring that is reminiscent of strawberry shortcakes. This flavor makes it seem like you've just sat down for a smattering of strawberries, syrupy goodness and powdered sugar. It's amazing how authentic the Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid actually is, and this is one flavor that is sure to leave a smile on your face.


Product Description

Enjoy this flavor by its own or create your own unique flavor combinations by mixing it with other e-liquids. This flavor is truly selling like hotcakes, and you'll be able to indulge in your breakfast fantasy any time of the day. After all, it's always a good time to savor a nutritious and exciting breakfast.

The aroma of Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid is one that will really get your mouth watering. It smells of strawberries, but it also has a distinct sugary smell to it. It's not so powerful that it will have others wondering where breakfast is, but it's suitable for an individual vape session and a longer session is very likely to leave your room smelling of sweet strawberries and fresh cream. It's a profile that lingers, and it will ensure that you get the most out of each and every vaping session. Like most vaping scents, the Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid aroma only lasts while you're actually vaping. It quickly dissipates, which means you're going to need plenty of vaping liquid if you plan on enjoying the aroma for an extended period of time. For the most part, the aroma will be your own personal experience, which makes this a great option for public gatherings.

Imagine you walked into a restaurant and got a short stack of strawberry shortcake pancakes all to yourself. The pancakes would likely be smothered in a strawberry maple syrup topped with powdered sugar and garnished with freshly sliced strawberries. As you enjoy each moist, buttery bite, you begin to fulfill your cravings for a savory and sweet morning treat. The Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid vaping session is reminiscent of this sort of meal, and it will have you looking forward to your next smoke. The Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid flavor will linger on your tongue, and each puff will make you feel as if you're enjoying a delicious meal with each session.

This particular option is also suitable for mixing with other flavors like chocolate, kiwi or other berries. You'll enjoy the ease of mixing that comes with this flavor profile. It works great with flavors like vanilla and it can help bring out the sugaryness of many other flavors as well. Add this option to your collection to find all kinds of flavor combinations that you never knew existed. While you can always buy plenty of unique flavorings, the ability to mix the Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid with virtually any other flavor will have you in a delightful spirit of experimentation and adventure.

The e-liquid comes in a few different nicotine concentrations. You can also adjust your level of nicotine by mixing more than one bottle. In fact, you'll want more than one bottle of Strawberry ShortStacks by Hotcakes E-Liquid on hand anyway. Once your friends smell the liquid, they are going to want to try some for their own. You'll be able to enjoy a 0mg, 3mg or 6mg concentration. If you want something in between, just do a 2:1 mixture of the 0mg and 3mg concentration to get 1.5mg of nicotine. Or, you can mix the 3mg and 6mg option to enjoy a 4.5mg concentration.

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