Strawberry Watermelon by Ring Dropz E-Liquid

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The Strawberry Watermelon by Ring Dropz E-Liquid reminds users of various food products. It is an aroma and taste that makes you think about a ringed candy or one of the rock candies that are on a stick. The liquid is one that can also remind you of being in a field of fresh strawberries and picking them before putting them in a basket. You could also imagine enjoying the berries and a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. These are two notes that work well together in order to give the delicious flavor that you taste and smell when exhaling. 


Product Description

Coming in 30ml or 60ml bottles, you have a choice of the amount of Strawberry Watermelon by Ring Dropz E-Liquid that you want depending on how much you vape. If you heat the liquid on a lower setting, then you'll find that it lasts a little longer and that the flavor notes come through a bit more than they do if you heat the liquid on a higher temperature. The overall experience of the vaping experience with this liquid is one that takes you back to being a child again. It's a feeling of opening a package of candy or a Ring Pop for the first time, getting the notes of the watermelon that shine through once the strawberry goes away. You can almost imagine sucking on a piece of watermelon candy while at home. 

Something that you will notice is the freshness of the liquid. It doesn't have a taste that is artificial and similar to a syrup that you would find in most candies. It's a flavor that exhibits the soothing notes and aromas that you would find with fresh fruits. This is one of the top blends that you will find in the line as well as one of the newer flavors that you will see. When you first see the bottle, you'll notice a picture of a ring pop on the front that is pink and green in color. The liquid is clear, which doesn't really give an indication as to the aroma and the flavor that is present. As soon as you add the liquid to the tank, you'll get a whiff of the strawberry immediately followed by the watermelon. This is a product that is ideal for enjoying on a daily basis instead of once in a while as it's not too sweet.

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