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Streak is an epic blend of sweet flavors designed to be a wonderful vapor that can be used all day long. The sweet creamy flavor stays light and never becomes too heavy the way many vapor flavors can. The mixers start with the flavor of delicious strawberries. They carefully mimic the flavor of the finest strawberries, those strawberries that are picked by hand and grown in the mountainous region of Gaviota. Then they blend the sweet Gaviota strawberry flavor with just a touch of soft and creamy Greek yogurt.


Product Description

This vapor combines two delicate flavors for a vaping experience that cannot be matched. The flavor is a savory combination of two of nature's finest treats: Gaviota strawberries and creamy Greek yogurt. Vapers will enjoy the soft silky clouds that result from this premium vapor. 

Streak is part of the exclusive Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Fog Vapors. Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded by Brant Peto in Orange County, California. He is the CEO of Cosmic Fog Vapors. His background is in new business development and sales. He started the company Cosmic Fog Vapors to create the best vapors available on the market. The company strives to create each flavorful vapor to produce the ultimate vaping experience. Cosmic Fog Vapors takes great lengths of time to carefully craft and develop each new blend. The company averages seven to ten months on the meticulous development of each exciting flavor. After the blend is created, the co-founders and mixers use the new vapor themselves to ensure that the new vapor flavor will stay exciting, never tiring the tongue. The company believes that if a new flavor is not exceptional enough to be a great all day flavor, it is not good enough for its customers. The company strives to make sure its products stay original and exciting in an increasingly competitive vaping marketplace.

Streak is crafted, mixed, bottlef and wrapped in the Cosmic Fog Vapors Lab. The lab took nearly a year of planning and is now fully operational. The process takes time and is carefully done to ensure all liquids stay free of contaminants. Everything pertaining to the liquids is done in the lab's spotless clean room. All the liquids are filtered five times throughout the Cosmic Fog process to ensure the vapor reaches the customer as clean as it is tasty. 

Try Streak today, and look for the other wonderful flavors in the exclusive Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Vapors, Baie Creme and Neon Creme. You will be glad you did.

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