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Sub-Ohm Tanks

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What is Sub Ohm Vaping

What is Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub-Ohm Vaping to put simply, is vaping a device that employs atomizer coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm. The reason why some vapers prefer Sub-Ohm is it increases the power output of fixed voltage devices such as mechanical vape mods or non-variable regulated devices creating more massive vapor and extreme flavor. Although it might sound simple, its quite complicated and recommended for a more experienced vaper.

Sub-Ohm Tanks apply an atomizer with coils below 1-Ohm. This means as you heat the coils, they will have the ability to lower their resistance. This is why you can not use Kanthal coils with Sub-Ohm Tanks. Even with the increase in temperature, Kanthal coils can not keep up. Therefore, Nickel, Stainless Steel and Titanium are ideal for this type of vaping.

One thing that is guaranteed with Sub-Ohm Tanks and vaping, is better vapor production!

How Does Sub-Ohm Tank Work?

A Sub-Ohm Tank like the Artic Turbo Sextuplet Coil Sub Tank by Horizon Tech works like just as a regular vape tank but is designed for higher-powered setups. Utilizing replaceable coils heads that attach to the base of the tank, e-liquid is absorbed into a cotton wick and transformed into inhalable vapor once it makes contact with the hot coil.

When you take a deep inhale on the tank, the suction pulls the e-liquid towards the coil. Typically, Sub-Ohm Tanks feature some type of filling system – usually top fill, for easy use. Sub-Ohm Tanks also provide wide open airflow, resulting in direct lung draws and keeping the coils from getting too hot.

It is crucial that Sub-Ohm vaping is done safely. As you decrease your resistance you will increase the amperage your device uses to supply the current. This increases the strain on the battery and increases heat that the battery as well as coils generate. For this reason, it is important not to exceed the amperage limit of your battery as it could result in a possible fire or explosion.

Structure of a Sub-Ohm Tank

Structure of a Sub-Ohm Tank

A Sub-Ohm Tank is typically made of four parts; the Drip Tip, Glass Tank, Coil and Base.

The Drip Tip is where the vaper comes out of. Instead of using a cartridge or cartomizer, a Drip Tip allows for great flavor, allowing the user to pour or drip the e-liquid directly onto the atomizer. No need to worry about removing or filling anything with a Drip Tip. At affordable prices, they are both convenient and economic.

The Glass Tank is where your liquid is going to be stored. Applying a grand reservoir capacity to hold additional of your favorite juice, they apply coils to fire and create inhalable vapor. Made of glass it is completely durable and resilient to heat.

The Coil is the component inside the atomizer. This is a fundamental part of your tank as it will shape your vaping experience. Typically, for a Sub-Ohm Tank a coil will have a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohms for heavy, dense vapor clouds. The coil resistance range for Sub-Ohm Tanks can range from 0.1 ohms to 0.9 ohms. The most common range you will find is from 0.2 ohms to 0.5 ohms.

When getting new coils, it is very important to prime them. Simple put, priming is putting a few drops of vape juice on the coil after installing it into the base of the tank. When you prime put about to drops on the exposed cotton that you see through the opening on the side of the coils.

After assembling and filling your tank, allow it to sit for 10 minutes before taking your first vape. By priming and waiting, it ensures the wick is fully saturated in the e-liquid. If the wick is not saturate, it can lead to burnt cotton and dry hits. For this reason, priming is very important and only takes a few minutes!

Another important tip is breaking in your coils. A lot of vapers often want to crank up the wattage right after installing a new coil. Don’t do that! There is a possibility that you can fry your coil right out of the gate and end up having nothing but burnt hits. It is important to remember to break in your new coils. Start off at the lower end of the recommended wattage settings. Take a few small inhales, quick vapes at lower settings. With time, gradually increase the wattage until you’ve reached your desired settings.

The Base of the Sub-Ohm Tank is what holds everything together. The Base is located at the bottom of the tank and is where you connect your tank to a compatible device. Typically, the base will have a standard 510 threaded connection for great versatility, meaning it will be well-suited with several devices on the market.

Advantages of Sub Ohm Tanks

Advantages of Sub-Ohm Tanks

The main advantages of Sub-Ohm Tanks such as the TFV8 V2 Cloud Beast Baby Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK are convenience and the massive vape clouds. They were constructed to make Sub-Ohm vaping more accessible as well as producing intense flavor allowing you to the most out of your favorite e-liquids. Compared to Rebuildable Atomizers, they come pre-installed and vapers no longer need to build coils or understand the advanced electrical concepts to their tanks.

Sub-Ohm Tanks also employ coils that are compatible with high VG juice, unlike most of the higher resistance coils that coils with Mouth to Lung Tanks. On top of that, the flavor is you get from Sub-Ohm Tanks are something that can’t be beat. You will taste enhanced flavors due to the increased vapor production compares to a tank with a tighter airflow. In some case you might even experience different tones of your juice for refreshing, quenching flavors.

Newer models of Sub-Ohm Tanks allow the user to experiment with various coil options – some that are even compatible with temperature control. Combining high performance and easy functionality, Sub-Ohm Tanks also have warmer vapor output when used at a higher wattage and low-ohm coils, deliver more increased, unrestricted airflow and of course big, great taste vape clouds that all vape enthusiast dream of!

Coming in handy for those cloud chasing vapers out there, Sub-Ohm Tanks including the TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK are sure to please! Just pop a coil in, fill it up and enjoy!

Sub Ohm Vaping

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Right for You?

Sub-Ohm Vaping is an experience that some may enjoy while others just simply don’t like. It depends on the type of vaper you are because its not for everyone. But before you brush off Sub-Ohm vaping you might want to consider the following. Most Sub-Ohm vapers are experienced users and quite dedicated. It requires assuming a certain amount of risk and therefore can be a challenge for some and requires safe care.

Even though its for a precautious user, the advantages are some that can’t be beat. Allowing you to enjoy hours of endless intense flavors and huge vape clouds; with Sub-Ohm vaping you can expect warm yet refreshing vapor, increased vapor production and grand, unrestricted airflow. Still if an of the above sounds undesirable to you, Sub-Ohm vaping might not be your path. If it sounds like something you can get down with and interests you then Sub-Ohm vaping might be your route, and its straight to cloud chasing city. Again, it is all based on what type of experience you prefer.

Buying a Sub-Ohm Tank

A great vape tank is vital to an amazing vaping experience. Sub-Ohm Tanks offer quality builds, easy functionality and best of all, outstanding flavor and big, billowy vape clouds. The average Sub-Ohm Tank is going to cost you about $20 to $50 dollars, depending on the type and brand.

Here at Got Vape we carry a variety of brands to choose from. Making sure to keep the customer in mind, we carry everything from Sub-Ohm Tanks to Cartridges; Got Vape has it all! We even utilize a live Customer Service Department that is here, willing and ready to answer all questions and help with your every need. Available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6pm, Got Vape is your top, number one online vaporizer retailer.