Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid


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Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid strikes a flavorful resemblance to a well-known breakfast cereal that has been a favorite for many years, and cereal-flavored e-juices are extremely popular right now.


Product Description

These kinds of flavors are fun and add a little variety to the vaping lifestyle. This tasty e-liquid is one perfectly-suited for vaping throughout the entire day. It combines just the right amount of sweetness with a smooth delivery and never becomes bitter on the palette. 

Now called Sugar Drizzle, Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid features exquisite notes of cinnamon mixed with a smooth and milky cream. The result is a subtle taste that can even take you back to watching TV on Saturday morning with a bowl of yummy cereal close at hand. When you're done with business for the day, this e-liquid is the perfect choice to relax and mellow out.

Hand-crafted in California by Cuttwood, the Sauce Boss, Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid is sourced from the finest ingredients the masters at Cuttwood can find. The steeping process that goes into producing this top-shelf e-liquid is detailed and every batch is subjected to strict quality control. Cuttwood packages the juice responsibly in a foolproof child-safe bottle that is sold in sizes of 30 or 120 ml with available nicotine strengths of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, or 18 mg. There's a version of this e-juice for everyone.

Satisfaction without an overpowering aftertaste is the goal of Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid, and it delivers. Many exotic flavors such as this one are great for a quick vape but aren't something you would want to vape all day because they can become a little harsh. That's not a problem here. It is consistently given 5-star ratings by e-juice consumers because of its smoothness and how well it replicates the taste that inspired it. 

The bottle you receive might be labeled as Sugar Drizzle but don't be concerned. Cuttwood has recently changed the name of this premium e-juice. You'll still be getting the classic Sugar Bear by Cuttwood E-Liquid that you have come to know and love. It might be a good idea to order more than one bottle because once your vaping friends get a whiff of this they will want their own bottle. Be sure to recommend that they check out our complete line of excellent vapors to find their own special e-liquid.

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