Sunset Surfer Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors


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Enjoy gorgeous scenic chassis of the Sunset Surfer Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors. This stunning device not only wins in the looks department but also in performance. Combing easy to use operation, efficiency and great vapor production it’s a must have for any collection.


Product Description

The Sunset Surfer Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors is a state of the art, contemporary inhalation device made to deliver astounding sessions. This impressive device employs stunning design incorporating vibrant colorful hues of reds, oranges and yellow for a standout appearance. Internally, it integrates ceramic nichrome heating elements, patented stone and tile construction for optimal performance. With its top of the line construction the Sunset Surfer Vaporizer is capable of heating-up and retaining heat so it can reach your desired temperature. It offers hands-free operation and includes a premium, durable glass whip for smooth, refreshing draws. When ready to be used, plug the device into a 110V wall outlet for about 5 to 10 minutes so it can heat up. Once it has reached the desired temperature, fill your heating chamber and enjoy. Easy as that! Make sure to get the Sunset Surfer Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors today!

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