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When you decide to buy one of the four delicious flavors produced by BLVD Premium E-Liquid for your next vaping experience, you are really getting a whole lot more than just a tasty e-liquid to put in your vape.


Product Description

You are actually getting a rich and full bodied cloud of sweet nostalgia that's sure to bring a happy smile to your face and enhance your vaping experience no matter how new you are to vaping. All of the four flavors by BLVD Premium E-Liquid are intentionally crafted to reminisce of certain iconic flavors throughout America. The rich and aromatic clouds of Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid will lift your spirits with the delightful taste of tangy strawberries and fresh cream.

With three nicotine levels to choose from, you can enjoy 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine to match your ideal vaping potency for the perfect puff every time. Each glass bottle of BLVD Premium E-Liquid contains 30 mL of high quality US grade 80/20 VG/PG e-liquid, and each cool label features a different classic car, the namesake of the specific flavor contained within. If you are a classic car collector, a garage mechanic, or an automotive enthusiast, these flavorful e-liquids by BLVD Premium E-Liquid are sure to evoke some of your greatest memories of bygone days.

Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is a flavor that delivers a thrilling blast of creamy strawberry with dense clouds of rich vapor thanks to its superb 80/20 VG/PG blend. This e-liquid offers up a bold fresh flavor that is sweet and milky, tasting similar to a cold strawberry smoothie on a hot summer day. A delicate and calibrated blend of artificial and natural flavors makes Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid the ideal complement to your next free summer afternoon. The silky yogurt taste of this e-liquid melds perfectly with the tangy strawberry into a sweet sensation that will remind you of the strawberry milkshakes.

At your very first puff of Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you will feel smooth sweetness washing over your taste buds. Within this sweet flavor, you will start to notice two different sweet tastes combining into one. The tangy strawberry adds its own zesty sweetness for your vaping enjoyment, and the creamy milk flavor of Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid mellows out the berry tang to create a nuanced and enjoyable flavor overall. The nostalgic taste of strawberries and cream is sure warm you by the sunny flavors of Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid. Kick off your shoes, grab some sunglasses, and slip into a shady hammock to enjoy this sweet and creamy serenade. The strawberry smoothie of Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid will definitely brighten your day with its cheery flavor profile and refreshing creamy notes.

If you have already tried Super Sport by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you are sure to enjoy the three other wonderful flavors this great brand has to offer. Try out Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid for a burst of crunchy berry cereal flavor, or taste Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid to bring some fruity loops nostalgia back into your life. You can even add some pink cotton candy to your vaping experience with The Caddy by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, the final flavor rounding out this great selection of e-liquid instant classics.

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