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Sometimes what you really need in an e-liquid is a vapor that creates an overall sensory experience. Supreme Taco by Kloudlike Vapor E-Liquid is a burst of flavors that blend well and are pure fun on a summer day. Put this in your vaporizer and prepare for vaping bliss. This e-liquid is all about instant gratification.


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Inspired by a legendary ice cream treat, Supreme Taco by Kloudlike Vapor E-Liquid explodes with no less than five distinct flavors that will have all of your vaping friends asking where they can get a bottle. Rich vanilla ice cream with swirls of luxurious fudge is where the flavor all begins, but that's not all. Added in is the hint of a crunchy and sweet sugar cone taco also coated with chocolate and topped with salty peanuts. When you close your eyes and inhale you might just hear the music of an ice cream truck on your street!

Ordinary e-liquid flavors are for ordinary people. Supreme Taco by Kloudlike Vapor E-Liquid is as bold and fun as you are. It manages to pull off what many designer flavors cannot: it replicates an iconic taste without being overpowering. Offered in a 30 ml bottle of varying strength, this e-liquid is so good that you will probably want to order more than one bottle because all of your friends will be asking to try it.

Most of those that try Supreme Taco by Kloudlike Vapor E-Liquid agree that they have never tasted anything quite like it before. You may have tried ice cream inspired vapes but this one is simply so unique that it is destined to become as popular as the treat it reflects. You owe it to yourself to include a few designer flavors in your collection of e-liquids and this one is a perfect place to start.

Our philosophy is that vaping is more than just a way to satisfy an urge. It's a lifestyle. When you try Supreme Taco by Kloudlike Vapor E-Liquid you are sending a message that you are fun, spontaneous, and willing to enjoy a few guilty pleasures while living life to the fullest. That is an irreplaceable feeling. Be bold and stand out among your vaping friends. While you are here be sure to check out our wide selection of designer and traditional e-liquids. We're certain that you will find something that reflects your personality and individual taste.

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    So this juice looked promising, but it doesnt taste like a neopolitan icecream taco, it also gives a very bad after taste and smells more like maple surup. I did not buy it here, but over all if i could give it a real ratin, it would be LESS than 1 star, if even .00000001 of a star.

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