Sutra Dash E-Liquid Pods 3pk by Sutra Vape


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Any well-liked device that undergoes continual use will eventually need pieces to help maintain the unit's ideal performance. The Sutra Dash E-Liquid Pods 3pk by Sutra Vape carries three identical replacement pods intended for use with the Sutra Dash Pod Vaporizer. Each mini chamber holds 1mL of your favorite e-liquid or oil. Most ideally, the products used in these units should have a nicotine salt formulation as the pods produce a low amount of wattage.


Product Description

The Sutra Dash E-Liquid Pods 3pk by Sutra Vape gives users access to a supply of replacement pieces. The convenience of having parts on hand can be invaluable so that when you go to use your device, it is able to function every time you want it. These types of pods are a flawless pairing with nicotine salt products. This is because they are low wattage and non-sub ohm units. Each one has an ergonomically sound mouthpiece and creates a seamless seal when placed into the Sutra Dash Pod Vaporizer.

The Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer by Sutra Vape is the counterpart to the Pod 3pk. It has a pre-installed, USB rechargeable battery and light display that indicates when charging is occurring in addition to when it is fully powered. While it is able to produce a powerful vaping experience, it is still compact, discreet, and extremely easy to use. The Dash Pod Vaporizer is auto-primed by the user taking a few, short puffs. The unit is available in a variety of colors and has a transparent window integrated into the side so vapers can see when the device needs refill. Every component of the piece is intended to make it simplistic, user-friendly, and a textbook performer. Users will love what this product brings to their vaping sessions.

Another product available from Sutra Vape is the Sutra 3 in 1 Vape Kit. This comprehensive kit's power component has a 350mAh capacity in order to carry the unit through multiple sessions. What makes the 3 in 1 unique is the package includes all of the parts needed to vape concentrates, e-liquids, or dry herbs. Users need only remove one mouthpiece and put another in its place in order to accommodate whatever product they want to vaporize. The device is able to reach temperature within five seconds and its LED light flashes in warning of a low battery. Within an automatic shut down feature, this device is a great addition to any collection.

Sutra Vape opened their doors to the world of vaporization in just 2011. However, the founders bring an extensive 25 years of experience to the company. That know-how of the industry has allowed them to produce high end products that use premier materials in order to give their customers the best vaping products possible.

While you are trying to decide if you are ready to invest in some replacement parts like the Sutra Dash E-Liquid Pods 3pk by Sutra Vape, please browse through the remainer of Not only do we have replacement accessories, we also have an expansive variety of tanks, pens, manufacturers, e-liquids, etc. If you have any questions or see something you need clarification on, please contact our team of customer service representatives.

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