Sutra Mini Screen Assembly by Sutra Vape


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The Sutra Mini Screen Assembly by Sutra Vape is a petite device that improves the overall experience a user has with the Sutra Mini. As a spare or replacement part, this unit is manufactured in the same facilities as other Sutra Vape products. This fact ensures that the craftsmanship and quality are on the same level as the parts that come in the original kits. As the literal barrier between your mouth and unsavory debris during inhale, the Mini Screen is invaluable within the setup.


Product Description

When a user invests in the Sutra Mini Screen Assembly by Sutra Vape, they can be rest assured that they have an instrumental device on hand that safeguards premium sessions. Not only can it replace a misplaced unit, but over time, parts within the greater system incur wear and tear. In order to preserve the overall performance of the Sutra Mini, having new parts ready to go is ideal in order to avoid session interruptions. The Sutra Mini Screen is also fabricated within the same location as any other Sutra Vape product. As an OEM unit, the caliber of excellence is maintained across the line. 

The Mini Screen is made of both silicon and durable metal. Using silicon as the outer ring allows the screen to completely seal the chamber and mouthpiece on the Sutra Mini. This ultimately prevents any vapor waste. The metal screen serves as a way to prevent any un-vaporized dry herb or concentrate fragments from being inhaled during a draw. The inclusion of the Mini Screen guarantees that each draw is vapor packed and unpolluted.

The Sutra Mini Screen Assembly couples with the Sutra Mini by Sutra Vape. A pocket-sized device standing at just three inches in height and one inch in width, this device is still powerfully functional with complimentary features. As previously mentioned, the Sutra Mini is versatile and can accommodate both dry herbs and concentrates. The temperature can be adjusted to anywhere between 300°F and 430°F for genuinely customized experiences. The 1600mAh li-polymer battery is rechargeable and able to support several sessions before recharge is needed. Aside from the temperature control buttons, the Mini has a single button system to fulfill each of the units' functions, making it completely user-friendly.

Sutra Vape settled themselves in Southern California where vaping culture creates a backdrop of ingenuity and innovation. They became a member of the vaping community in 2011, but the founders bring a combined 25 years of experience to the company. By immersing themselves in vaporization advancement and design, they have allowed themselves to revolutionize vaping for customers across the country. 

While you consider if the Sutra Mini Screen Assembly by Sutra Vape is a part that you want to have on hand, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team with any questions. You can also browse through the remainder of We have expansive selections in the way of tanks, mods, pens, batteries, replacement parts, e-liquids, etc. As proponents of cultivating vaping culture, we seek to provide as many quality products to our customers as possible.

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