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The Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape is an expertly crafted replacement/spare part intended for use with the Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vaporizer. There are two different tank sizes available, 0.5mL and 0.8mL. The capacities are able to accommodate a vaper's preferred concentrate for seamless sessions. This petite device has 510 threading, but also has a magnetic adapter which makes it an easy addition to a number of devices aside from its Selfie Vaporizer counterpart.


Product Description

The Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape uses high end materials and balances perfectly with peak functionality. The cartomizer's durable glass chamber comes in both 0.5mL and 0.8mL. This unit is meant to be used with oil concentrates for the most ideal results. An included adapter attaches magnetically to the piece in order to provide easy alterations that allow it to be used with several mod types. As a fuss free unit, it is easy to use, easy to replace, and easy to maintain. 

The Sutra Selfie Cartridge is simply broken down into pieces in order to accommodate refills. Once the mouthpiece is removed, oils are easily added to the chamber through the top refill port. When the chamber is filled to the desired level, the mouthpiece is screwed back into place and the cartridge is then ready to be added to the mod of your choice. Users will love the comfortable, ergonomic style of the mouthpiece and find themselves using this product day in and day out.

While the Sutra Selfie Cartridge can generally be used with a variety of devices, it is primarily designed to be paired with the Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. The vaporizer is an automatically priming device meaning a few short inhalations start the heating process. The 250mAh battery can produce up to 2.7V of power and is easily recharged with the included micro-USB charger. This kit is user-friendliness fully realized and vapers will love the satisfying, simplistic draws this device is able to produce. The taste created is pure, the vapor smooth, and the cloud at exhale massive.

For those that want something even more compact, the Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer by Sutra Vape takes ease and slight size to a whole other level. Impeccably pocket sized and discreet, as a low wattage, no-sub ohm product, the Dash POD performs best with liquids that have a nicotine salt formula. Like the Selfie Cartridge Vaporizer, it undergoes auto-heating by the user taking a few brief inhales. After a couple of seconds, the unit is brought to temperature and the liquids within are ideally vaporized for quick, gratifying sessions.

In 2011, Sutra Vape opened their doors. While that makes them relatively new to the vaping scene, the founders bring a combined total of 25 years of experience to the company. The strive to provide impressive performing devices that have genuine staying power in a collection. They are so confident in their units that they offer one year warranties.

Please feel free to browse through the remainder of while you consider the Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape. We have a large number of pens, mods, tanks, batteries, e-liquids, and accessories. If you have any additional inquiries about the Selfie Cartridge or have a general question, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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