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Sutra Vape Replacement Parts

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  • Sutra Mini Oil Cup by Sutra

    The Sutra Mini Oil Cup by Sutra Vape is a petite sized piece that provides optimal performance.

  • Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape

    The Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape is an adapter the attaches to the stand-alone Sutra Selfie Cartridge or the complete kit called the Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. As a spare or replacement part, the Selfie Magnetic Ring allows the cartridge component that it is paired with to work with a larger variety of mods. It alters the male attachment port to a female one in order to give the overall unit unmatched versatility and ease.

    Regular Price: $7.99

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    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $7.19

Sutra Vape Replacement Parts Overview has all of the Sutra Vape Replacement Parts you need for your Sutra Vape vaporizer. A leader in the production and design of vaporizers that use dry herbs, essential oils, and e-liquids, Sutra Vape is a trusted brand that receives high ratings and reviews from the vaping community for their innovative and sleek products. The company strives to accommodate all interests of the vaping community.

Sutra Vape is based in Corona, California. At the company's production facilities, dedicated professionals work to keep pace with evolving technology and make consistent advances in vaporizers. Their pride of craftsmanship is unmatched by many brands, and each Sutra Vape vaporizer is subjected to quality controls that promote consistency and dependable performance. It is rare to encounter a brand that excels in multiple forms of vaporizer design.

Sutra Vape is known for their dry vaporizers. This type of vaporizer is specifically designed to vape dry herbs. The vaping of dry herbs is a process that requires a brand to draw on excellent research and development procedures. Sutra Vape invests time and money to bring the best dry vaporizers to the market. A stellar example of this is the S-type Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. It possesses a rugged exterior that is ergonomic for comfort. These vaporizers can withstand heavy use and are sleek and portable.

Sutra Vape Replacement Parts available at include those specifically designed for used with the S-type Vaporizer. The Sutra S-Type Replacement Screens 5 Pack is an economical and convenient way to keep the vaporizer's screens in good working order. Screens are critical to getting a great vape from a dry vaporizer. These screens prevent debris and particles from passing through the mouthpiece and negatively impacting your vape. Screens can wear over time and need replacement when they become clogged or otherwise unable to function properly.

Sutra Vape Accessories and Components

The Sutra Vaporizer Essential Oil Adapter is a handy tool that will facilitate the vaporization of essential oils. It is compatible with vape pens produced by Sutra and other manufacturers. This is an OEM replacement part, so you can buy with the confidence that you are getting the same parts used in original Sutra Vape vaporizers. The heating time on this part is just five seconds.

Understanding how a vaporizer works and which parts can require replacement is something vapers would do well to explore. A tale-tell sign of parts that require replacement is a poor hit or reduced flavor. If you are finding your Sutra Vape vaporizer hard to draw, it may be time to consider new vape screens or a new Sutra Vaporizer Dry Cartridge. The vape coils and heating chambers of a vaporizer are also parts that must be maintained for performance. A lot of new vapers think that vaping is as simple as adding some dry herbs or a concentrate, pushing a button, and drawing vapor. The reality is that the process, while simple enough, does involve multiple parts that must function in a cohesive manner to produce vapor. If one part of the process breaks down, the entire vape is affected. It is crucial for vapers to understand they do not have to give up on a vaporizer or toss it away if it presents performance issues. Many fixes can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

While you are shopping for Sutra Vape Replacement Parts, be sure to check out all of the tanks, mods, vape pens, and vaporizer accessories we offer. All methods of vaping are represented in our inventory at prices which meet or beat those advertised by our competitors. If you have any questions regarding parts for Sutra Vape Vaporizers, please contact us via live chat or email.