Switch Dual Function ERig by Dr. Dabber


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Introducing the newest addition to the Dr. Dabber brand, the Switch Dual Function ERig.


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Product Description

The uniquely crafted this rig gets its name from its versatile use. Utilizing patent pending induction heating technology, this device incorporates four different modes for different types of materials including dry herb, oils and more. This unit has an output power to 120 watts, battery capacity of 33.3 watts, 64kb memory, non-explosive LiFePO4 battery cells and safety functions for protection. Delivering an unparalleled performance, the Switch Dual Function ERig employs induction cups for precision including white ceramic, black ceramic and crystal (sold separately). Ahead of its time, the device allows the user to set their own hold time for longer heat times for satisfying draws. The Switch Dual Function ERig really keeps the user in mind, employing a self-cleaning mode that utilizes high energy heat cycles to burn away any leftover residue in the ceramic induction cups. It also incorporates an auto cool down cycle which allows the Switch Dual Function ERig to heat down automatically after each heat cycle, protecting its electronic and keeping the unit performing as normally. With standby LED lighting, integrated power management including upward of 150 cycles on full charge, glass percolator attachment, and a stylish quality design as well as foundation, you won’t be disappointed with the Switch Dual Function ERig by Dr. Dabber.

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