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TAO Vaporizers

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TAO Vapes

TAO is an acclaimed vaporizer brand that runs out of Wood Dale, Illinois. TAO specializes in vaporizers and accessories alike. The company's Essential Oil Vaporizer is an attractive and sleek device that's optimal for people who are interested in user-friendly, hassle-free vaping sessions. Other highlights of the Essential Oil Vaporizer include its rechargeable battery and convenient refillable heating chamber. If you're conducting a search for a handy portable vaporizer that you can easily place in your back pocket, this TAO option may make you smile. Its diameter is half an inch. It's only 5 5/8th inches tall as well. It was made for both essential oils and concentrates. The Essential Oil Vaporizer can also be great for people who are focused on the environment. Its mouthpiece was produced using plastic that's 100 percent eco-friendly.

TAO Portable Vaporizers

TAO's Type B Vaporizer is another well-known vaporizer. It's suitable for essential oils and liquids. The Type B Vaporizer can be excellent for people who are constantly searching for speedy heating. This vape can quickly surpass 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The appearance of this vape is reminiscent of that of a pen. It looks streamlined and elegant. It has the same exact diameter and height as the aforementioned

TAO Essential Oil Vaporizers

Essential Oil Vaporizer made by TAO. The Type B Vaporizer is noteworthy due to the fact that it's equipped with an innovative Type B heating chamber that is made out of glass. It also has a ceramic nichrome heating chamber. These chambers require Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable. If you want to access thick vapor without having to wait for even five seconds, the Type B Vaporizer should be a fine addition to your vaping life. This vaporizer can also work like a charm for people who want to steer clear of leakage woes. If you find it obnoxious to have to constantly deal with concentrated essential oil spillage, you'll definitely enjoy the convenience and neatness this vaporizer can effortlessly bring to you. This vaporizer can also be good for people who routinely forget that they have to charge their devices. It's equipped with a LED (light-emitting diode) light that can efficiently notify individuals in the event that their batteries require prompt charging. It quickly blinks when recharging becomes essential. 

TAO Vape Batteries and Accessories

People can also purchase the eGo Battery 650 mAh by TAO. This battery appears in "burlwood," "carbon fiber" and "satin black" color choices. Fans of TAO can check out the replacement heating chamber we sell, too. This heating chamber comes in the exact same color options as the eGO Battery 650 mAh. When you need a replacement heating chamber that's durable and trusted, TAO's loyal offering won't do you wrong!

We sell an Essential Oil Vaporizer Dual Pack made by TAO. If you're interested in getting dual essential oil vaporizers and in receiving a lot of bang for your buck, this helpful pack may be able to make your day.

We can assist people who want additional information about TAO's contemporary and trusted vaporizers and components. If you want to figure out if TAO's vaporizers are a good match for your vaping habits and preferences, you don't have to think twice about getting in contact with our company, GotVape. We're based in Corona, California and truly enjoy providing customers with excellent and attentive customer service. If you're lusting after TAO's Essential Oil Vaporizer or Type B Vaporizer but believe that you could still benefit from some more information, you can count on our diligent customer support team to lend you a helping hand. Our customer service department is here to give you all the vaping product information you need and want, end of story.