TFV8 Cloud Beast Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK


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Inspired by Mount Vesuvius itself, TFV8 Cloud Beast Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK offers magnificent vaping power. Imagine Mount Vesuvius in calm, subdued setting and then suddenly, it spews lava into the sky. That’s the same amount of power that you can expect from this SMOK sub ohm tank.


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Product Description

Without doubt, this sub ohm tank can completely change your vaping experience. It is equipped with unique, patented turbo engines and nine different color finishes for style and functionality. It works with different types of TFV8 coils for a guaranteed high airflow performance.

Its turbo boosted components such as the engine coils, bottom air slots, heating air tube, and drip tip are the powerful engineering pieces that propel this device. Three of the high performance coils that can be used with this sub ohm tank are the TFV8 Cloud Beast Baby Quadruple Coils V8 Baby Q4 5 pk by SMOK, TFV8 Cloud Beast Baby Octuple Coils V8 Baby T8 5 pk by SMOK, and the TFV8 Cloud Beast Baby Dual Coils V8 Baby T6 5 pk by SMOK. All of these coils are available from here.

Each of these coils, when used with this sub ohm tank, provides a distinct flavor to every draw. For example, the V8-T8 can assure you of a deep and rich cloud taste. The V8-T6 offers the same thing, only with a smoother and cooler effect. The V8-Q4 offers a smooth silky taste while the V8 RBA can give you that somewhat indescribable, unique vaping experience.

Overall, the TFV8 Cloud Beast Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK is very versatile. Its new turbo engine is mainly responsible for its huge deck and increased airflow. Compared with the TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK, this improved device has two bigger adjustable air slots on the bottom that assures of up to 18% more airflow. And because it is adjustable, you can fully control the way that you vape.

The TFV8 Cloud Beast Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK also has a better heating air tube for higher airflow efficiency. This feature matches the increased air slots feature. The bigger heating air tube is a 15% increase in diameter and 30% increase in area compared to the older TFV4. TFV8 also is also equipped with a large caliber drip tip to further assure increased airflow.

While you’re shopping for the TFV8 Cloud Beast Big Baby Light Sub Ohm Tank by SMOK here at, be sure to check out the different types of e-juices that you can use with this device. The TFV8’s bigger tank can accommodate more juice to provide you with an optimum vaping experience. Talk to us about this product today.

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