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The Tiffany RDA by The Common Reserve

People who love the incredible experience of inhaling tasty e-juice vapors are people who gravitate towards quality. After all, vaping is a sensory experience that allows the vaper to revel in the luscious taste of a favorite flavor. If a vape is not of the highest quality then why vape at all? 

In the few years since the vaping industry has grown from a small boutique style operation into a major enterprise with millions of enthusiasts, so has the taste and refinement of those who vape. That's why a vape must be a great experience, each and every time. And that's why it's critical to only inhale from vaping products that deliver on great taste each and every time. 

All of this is why quality vaping products from brands that care about delivering great taste with every inhale matter, and that's why here at we only represent manufacturers who deliver quality for our customers with every piece they product. 

The Common Reserve and The Tiffany RDA

The Common Reserve is one of the brands that is proud to represent. The Common Reserve is known for the integrity and great value of its product line, especially The Tiffany RDA. This fabulous little item produces great clouds of tasty vapors that make for an extreme of pleasure with every delicious inhale. 

The design of The Tiffany RDA is an example of elegance, refinement and high style. This delightful little vaping RDA comes in 'Tiffany' crystal blue with an elegantly cut image of a classic 'Tiffany style' diamond on its side. This is an item that would be sure to delight Holly Golightly or Audrey Hepburn herself, if they had existed during the vaping millennium! There is also an elegant but quite manly version of The Tiffany RDA in black for gentlemen, and a white version for those who love a pristine look. 

Efficient and Convenient RDA

Beyond its elegant appeal, The Tiffany RDA by The Common Reserve features a contoured super wide drip tip and a removable fan option for added convenience. Adjustable airflow options are also available, and a copper spring loaded center post gives this RDA added durability plus an extra sense of high style and panache. Square holes also offer optimum vaporization. 

Additional features in this highest quality RDA include: Internal hex screws, a deep well, two (yes two!) prebuilt clapton coils,two airflow rings and one sheet of Japanese cotton. 

There's no doubt about it, all of this adds up to a quality product that is made to last and look good while it's at it. The Tiffany RDA by The Common Reserve is a 'diamond' that's sure to be a girls' or a boys' best friend, and it's priced such that it qualifies as a truly affordable luxury. 

When it's time to invest in a product that will maximize the pleasure of vaping, the key is to invest in quality. Here at, we stand by the quality of the brands we offer and the products they produce. That's the pledge, and we stand tall beside it. Happy vaping!