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The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

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Lost Fog E-Juice

The Lost Fog Collection is a group of three meticulously developed, thoroughly researched flavors, created to titillate the tongue in a wonderful vaping experience. Cosmic Fog Vapors developed the Lost Fog Collection. The founders and mixers at Cosmic Fog hail from a culinary background, and they use their experience to craft only the finest e-liquids available. They spend an average of seven to ten months creating each unique flavor.

The vaping juices are created in Cosmic Fog's laboratory. They filter all of the e-liquid five times during their process to ensure maximum cleanliness of their juice. The lab is state-of-the-art, and the creative minds at Cosmic Fog are hard at work producing the current juices and crafting more great flavors.

Neon Creme, Baie Creme & Neon Creme E-Liquid

The Lost Fog Collection of e-liquids includes three robust flavors: Neon Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid, Baie Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid and Streak. Neon Crème is inspire by rainbow sherbet. It is intended to turn any day or night into a party experience. The juice is composed of succulent orange, sweet raspberry and tart lemon-lime flavors mixed in a subtle cream.

Baie Crème E-Juice

The Baie Crème juice is inspired by today's top fusion hybrid chefs. It is a unique blend of whipped honey cream, sweet passion fruit and exotic berries. It is mixed exclusively in a HIGH VG base. This method of mixing produces smooth clouds of vapor with fantastic flavor. Streak by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is made with mountain-grown Gaviota strawberry flavors. The strawberries are blended with a subtle amount of creamy Greek yogurt flavors. Streak is a great vapor that can be used all day long without tiring the tongue.

In summary, the Lost Fog Collection from Cosmic Fog Vapors is a group of superb e-liquids that will leave you wanting more.