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Lost Fog E-Juice

The Lost Fog Collection is a group of three meticulously developed, thoroughly researched flavors, created to titillate the tongue in a wonderful vaping experience. Cosmic Fog Vapors developed the Lost Fog Collection. The founders and mixers at Cosmic Fog hail from a culinary background, and they use their experience to craft only the finest e-liquids available. They spend an average of seven to ten months creating each unique flavor.

The vaping juices are created in Cosmic Fog's laboratory. They filter all of the e-liquid five times during their process to ensure maximum cleanliness of their juice. The lab is state-of-the-art, and the creative minds at Cosmic Fog are hard at work producing the current juices and crafting more great flavors.

Neon Creme, Baie Creme & Neon Creme E-Liquid

The Lost Fog Collection of e-liquids includes three robust flavors: Neon Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid, Baie Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid and Streak. Neon Crème is inspire by rainbow sherbet. It is intended to turn any day or night into a party experience. The juice is composed of succulent orange, sweet raspberry and tart lemon-lime flavors mixed in a subtle cream.

Baie Crème E-Juice

The Baie Crème juice is inspired by today's top fusion hybrid chefs. It is a unique blend of whipped honey cream, sweet passion fruit and exotic berries. It is mixed exclusively in a HIGH VG base. This method of mixing produces smooth clouds of vapor with fantastic flavor. Streak by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is made with mountain-grown Gaviota strawberry flavors. The strawberries are blended with a subtle amount of creamy Greek yogurt flavors. Streak is a great vapor that can be used all day long without tiring the tongue.

In summary, the Lost Fog Collection from Cosmic Fog Vapors is a group of superb e-liquids that will leave you wanting more.

The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

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  • Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

    Some vaping E-Juices just manage to bring flavor up to a whole new level, which is why Dapple Whip by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid is such an exciting e-juice. This incredibly tasty vape has flavor to spare, as it combines a series of incredibly lip-smacking flavors all into one incredibly delicious e-juice experience.

  • Streak by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

    Streak is an epic blend of sweet flavors designed to be a wonderful vapor that can be used all day long. The sweet creamy flavor stays light and never becomes too heavy the way many vapor flavors can. The mixers start with the flavor of delicious strawberries. They carefully mimic the flavor of the finest strawberries, those strawberries that are picked by hand and grown in the mountainous region of Gaviota. Then they blend the sweet Gaviota strawberry flavor with just a touch of soft and creamy Greek yogurt.

  • Neon Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

    Neon Creme is the newest flavor in the The Lost Fog Collection by Cosmic Fog Vapors. This delicious flavor is designed to turn any day or night into an epic party. The mixers at Cosmic Fog Vapors start with the sweet taste of a hand-picked orange. To the orange flavor they add the tartness of raspberries. Then they add a hint of lime. A dash of subtly sour lemon comes next. Finally, they mix the orange, raspberry, lemon and lime together with a subtle but sweet cream taste. Mixed together and chilled to perfection, the flavors are designed to mimic the fun taste of tart but sweet rainbow sherbet.

  • Baie Cream by The Lost Fog Collection E-Liquid

    Perpare to lose yourself in vaping nirvana bliss when you try this exciting new flavor, Baie Crème. Today's top hybrid fusion chefs inspired this delicious blend. First, the mixers create a custom blend of sweet whipped honey cream. Then they spike the cream with tasty passion fruit, a unique flavor that excites the senses. Finally, they add tart exotic berries. With these exciting flavors mixed together, the result is simply fantastic. 

  • Gummy Snakes by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid

    Hall of Fame's Gummy Snakes by eliquid manufacturer is a delicious and high quality e- liquid similar to the highly popular sweet and sour candy. The best in the Vape Industry have developed Gummy Snakes E- Liquid to render the iconic candy into a fruity treat characterized by the tang and sugary goodness of its namesake candy.

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $6.99

  • Donutman by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid

    Enjoy the taste of a box of donuts without feeling guilty about the calories with Donutman by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid. There are several sweet notes that make up the liquid. For some, it might be a little too sweet, but a benefit of using a liquid for vaping is that you can adjust the amount that you have in the tank.

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $6.99

  • Cosmic Razz by Hall of Fame Vapor HOF E-Liquid

    If you've been looking for a fruit flavored eliquid that seriously delivers, Cosmic Razz from Hall of Fame Vapor (HOF) should, without even the slightest doubt, be the next flavor you add to your lineup. Produced by Cosmic Fog - known for their unique eliquids which help you to blow massive clouds - in conjunction with the other members of the Hall of Fame Vapor company, this eliquid is going to put Jamba Juice out of business. (Well, probably not, but it's seriously that good.)

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price $6.99

  • Sonset by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    For a taste that's as soothingly delicious as a sunset in an island paradise, Cosmic Fog Premium Liquid presents Sonset. This incredible e-liquid flavor is the product of Cosmic Fog's intensive blending and development process, and the result is a taste that transports a vaper's experience from ordinary to utterly transformative. 

  • Sonrise by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Who wouldn't want a Hawaiian getaway every day? Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well, dear friends, today Hawaii is just a puff away. That's right, even if you are stuck in a big, grey, rainy city, you can take in the lush tropical breezes of the Hawaiian islands with just one delicious hit.

  • The Shocker by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    When it's time for a jolt of reality in the very best sense of the word, it's time for The Shocker from Cosmic Fog Premium Juice. This shockingly delicious blend will take your taste buds into another dimension of deliciousness, so why not order a 15ml or 30 ml bottle today?

  • Nutz by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    When it's time for the ultimate in vaping pleasure, it's time to inhale the deliciously nutty taste of Cosmic Fog Premium Juice Nutz. This incredible flavor could only have come from the vaping geniuses at Cosmic Fog, who personally oversee the creation of every flavor in their one of a kind e-liquid line.

  • Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid

    Vaporizers are the new marvels of modern technology. Millions of people have now chosen to use vaporizers as an alternative to cigarettes. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes allow former smokers to still be able to enjoy their nicotine intake but without the terrible smell, bad breath, and public disdain of cigarettes.

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