? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids

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The only mystery to solve about ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids is how Lost Art Liquids managed to pack so much intense flavor into a single e-juice that is a perfect all-day vape. Taking the concept of fruit-flavored e-liquid to a new level is what this designer product does.


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Instead of stopping with the one-dimensional fruit taste of strawberries, kiwi, or peaches, Lost Art Liquids perfected a balance of mixed fruits in this product inspired by chewy taffy candy.

Smooth and even, ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids doesn't overpower you because the blend of sweet flavors is balanced with just the right strength. The pleasant taste lingers on the taste buds long enough to satisfy without being bitter, and the aroma is succinct and elegant. You can vape this e-liquid on the town in the evening or in environments where few others are enjoying a vape. It's that versatile. The flavors are satisfying yet understated.

Lost Art Liquids was founded by avid vapers. They understand the importance of quality in their product. ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids is manufactured in the most sterile environment possible. The overall theme at Lost Art Liquids is 90's nostalgic flavors which appeal to the growing number of members in the vaping community. They also sponsor a race car to help them attract a wider vaping community. The company's dedication to producing quality e-liquids comes from the fact that it is run by vapers, for vapers.

When you try ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids you can be certain that it was produced from ingredients of the highest quality. Each batch is subjected to rigorous testing and Lost Art Liquids even makes the lab reports available on their website. ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids comes in 15, 30, or 120 ml bottles with nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg.

Don't settle for the same old vape. Having a few fruit-flavored e-juices in your personal inventory is a must and ? The Mystery Flavor by Lost Art Liquids is a good place to start. It's fruity but the slight hint of salty taffy defies the ordinary and makes this e-juice truly unique. While you are here be sure to check out our vast selection of premium designer e-liquids.

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